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Global Study – Autonomous Driving LiDAR Market – Analysis, Estimation, and Forecast: Expected Commercialization and High Volume Deployment of Mechanical Scanning, Solid-State, OPA, MEMS, Flash LiDAR Technologies, by Levels of Automation in OEM Vehicles and Robotaxis & Autonomous Shuttles

LiDAR technology to be commercialized for autonomous driving from 2019, where as high volume production and mass deployment is expected from 2021

LiDAR sales for autonomous driving will cross million unit mark by 2022 and by 2030, estimated to reach 24 million in sales.

LiDAR one of the key technology enablers of autonomous driving is gaining huge interest from players across the automotive ecosystem. In the last 36 months, the industry has witnessed acceleration in development strategies in form of technological advancements, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships and collaborations. All of the strategic developments by different players across the industry supply-chain ensure they are not let behind in the race to develop and deploy driverless or autonomous cars. The scale of some of these transactions underlines the seriousness with which all stakeholders are approaching the LiDAR technology.

M14 Intelligence’s Emerging Automotive Technology Division has answered the most compelling questions that the LiDAR technology developers are looking for –

  • What is the status of vehicle automation in 2017 and 2018? And how will it change over the period of next 10 years?
  • How is the emerging trend of robotaxis and autonomous shuttles disrupting the conventional automotive supply chain? and how LiDAR as a market will grow with this trend?
  • Many LiDAR technologies – But which ones will lead and be ready for mass deployment?
  • Which are the few combinations of OEMs with Tier 1s and LiDAR technology provider or OEMs with Shared Mobility Service providers and LiDAR technology providers will be the first to achieve mass deployment?
  • What will be the target cost of LiDAR at high volumes?
  • What is the requirement of number of LiDARs to achieve 360 degree surround view of the vehicle – for OEMs, Robotaxis, and Autonomous Shuttles?
  • When and which LiDAR technologies will hit high volume production?
  • Who will be the leaders in the automotive LiDAR market?
  • How is the current partnerships between OEMs, Tier 1s, Ride Sharing Service Providers, Autonomous Shuttle companies, and LiDAR technology providers is shaping the market?
  • When will solid-state and other cheaper LiDAR options witness high volume deployment?