Perhaps the most notable trend which has impacted the global containers and packaging market in recent years is sustainability. At present, consumers, manufacturers, retailers, advocacy groups and world governments are encouraging environmentally friendly packaging, which has had a huge impact on the dynamics of the market. Consumers are increasingly attentive to all aspects of the production process, from the sustainable sourcing of raw ingredients, through to the carbon footprint associated with production processes, and most importantly, the environmental credentials of a product’s packaging. This case study examines the biggest impacts the sustainability trend has had on the market.

Key Highlights

  • The attitude toward plastic containers and packaging has changed significantly in recent years and plastic pollution is now considered as one of the most serious environmental problems globally. This shift has had a huge impact on the containers and packaging market, due to the fact that the majority of products are made from plastic, due to its low production costs and durability.
  • Consumer trends heavily influence this market and these are gradually leaning more towards recyclable, reusable materials and a ’zero waste’ culture. In response to this, companies have begun to develop more recyclable and lightweight goods. One alternative to single use plastics that manufacturers have shifted toward is recyclable plastics.
  • As companies respond to the pressure to offer more sustainable packaging, traditional container and packaging manufacturers have also evolved in order to cater to their customer’s needs, investing heavily in developing innovative products which are more sustainable. The sustainability trend has also resulted in the arrival of new companies, which often focus their business ethos and product as a whole around sustainability.


  • Examines the current state of the containers and packaging market
  • Assesses the ways in which sustainability has disrupted the plastic segment
  • Examines new innovative products in the market
  • Examines how the paper segment will benefit from the sustainability trend

Reasons To Buy

  • How is the containers and packaging market performing globally?
  • How has the sustainability trend impacted the plastic segments?
  • How are traditional and new companies responding to this trend?
  • How has the anti-plastic sentiment impacted the paper segment?