The defense forces across the world have been investing into high end equipment, which are capable of neutralizing enemy targets beyond the line of sight. The objective of inducting advanced equipment is to ensure the minimal exposure to the personnel. However, the change in combat environment from traditional open environment to urbanized closed environment has exponentially increased the exposure of personnel to innovative death traps like the IEDs. The increased use of IEDs against personnel across the world have acted as a key driver in the defense segment of the UGV market.

The Unmanned Ground Vehicle Market is estimated at around USD 3.17 Billion in 2019 and is expected to grow to USD 8.25 Billion in 2027. The cumulative market is expected to account to around USD 51.4 Billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 11.20%. The commercial segment is expected to be the fastest growing segment, this is predominantly driven by the procurement of UGV platforms by manufacturing companies, logistics companies and warehouse providers.

The study period of the report titled “Global Unmanned Ground Vehicle- Market and Technology Forecast to 2027” is from 2017-2027, however, the forecast period of the report is from 2019-2027.
The report is aimed at:
  • Understanding the key trends in the Unmanned Ground Vehicle Market and the market drivers, restraints and challenges, which are expected to shape the market during the forecast period.
  • Analyze the technologies, which are expected to shape the future UGV platforms through the forecast period.
  • A detailed analysis at the component level, this covers the key trends at the component level.
  • A detailed coverage of the PEST and Porter’s five forces in the Unmanned Ground Vehicle market.
  • A clear market segmentation and a market forecast based on Users, Role and Region. The other segments covered include by weight and by propulsion.
  • The Opportunity Analysis chapter highlights the high growth market segments across the UGV market.
Segmentation covered in this report
The market is segmented based on Region, Role, Propulsion, Mobility, Weight and User
Region Wise Segmentation:
  • North America
  • Europe
  • APAC
  • Middle East
  • ROW
By Role
  • Logistics
  • Surveillance
  • Bomb Defusal
  • Attack
  • Others
By Propulsion
  • Diesel- Electric
  • Battery- Electric
  • Integrated
By Mobility
  • Tracked
  • Wheeled
  • Others
By Users
  • Defense
  • Homeland Security
  • Commercial Segment
By Weight
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
Reasons to buy
  • The report titled Global Unmanned Ground Vehicle- Market and Technology Forecast to 2027 would be of help to existing companies and new market entrants in this sector.
  • The market introduction chapter covers the key components of the UGV market and their various level of autonomy.
  • The market drivers, restraints and challenges are covered in detailed in the market analysis chapter.
  • The PEST analysis and the Porter’s Five forces analysis helps the readers to understand the market and its attractiveness.
  • The technology chapter could be of help to companies, who are considering investments into this market.
  • Strategy formulation teams could use the market forecast chapter to understand the future market potential, this would help them to converge their efforts to specific segment.
  • The sales team can use the market forecast chapter to plan their sales campaigns and focus areas.
  • The possible factors that could affect the market has been identified in the Events Based Forecast Chapter, the impact of these factors have also been listed in this chapter.
  • The top market has been analyzed in the Opportunity Analysis chapter.
  • The company profiles chapter contains detailed financial and SWOT, apart from recent contract and other information.
Who is this report for?
  • Commercial UGV Manufacturers: The commercial UGV manufacturers can benefit from this report by understanding the key dynamics, forecast and key players in the market.
  • Defense Manufacturers: The defense manufactures can use this report to understand the market potential for the defense segment and the key trends which govern this segment.
  • Banking and Financial Institutions: The banking and financial sector market players can use this report to understand the best possible investment sub segment in the UGV market.
  • UGV Designers: The UGV designers can use this report to understand the upcoming technologies in this segment.
  • Department of Defense: The Department of Defense and its affiliated organizations could use this report to get an in-depth perspective of the UGV market
  • Decision Makers in an organization: The top management of the UGV manufacturers can use this report as a feed- in document for the strategy formulation process.