The need for stealth, advanced weapon systems and longer endurance have paved the way for the technology innovations in the modern submarine market. The submarines are specialized assets, which only a few countries in the world possess. It is also interesting to note that only six countries in the world namely US, UK, France, Russia, China and India have the technical know- how to manufacture a nuclear submarine.

The cumulative submarine and MRO market is expected to surpass USD 196 Billion during the period, 2019-2027. The market is estimated at around USD 20 Billion in 2019 and is expected to grow to USD 24 Billion at a CAGR of around 2% CAGR. The submarine maintenance market is expected to grow faster than the new submarine market. The APAC fleet accounts to more than 50% of the existing active submarines.

The study period of the Global Submarine and MRO Market is between 2017-2027, however the forecast period is between 2019-2027. The scope of the report are the following:
  • To understand the current fleet and its operators across the World
  • To understand the key market trends which are expected to shape the new submarine and the submarine MRO market
  • To understand the key technology trends which are expected to change the submarine specifications during the study period.
  • A detailed PEST analysis to understand the Political, Economic, Social and Technology in the Submarine and MRO market.
  • A separate chapter is dedicated to the top ten fleet operators in the submarine market, unit wise submarine deliveries of these countries are covered in this section, apart from other details.
  • The market forecast chapter has covered the new submarine market and the Submarine MRO market, for better market understanding from a reader perspective.
  • The market opportunity chapter highlights the key areas which are expected to create higher market opportunities for the stakeholders in this market.
Segmentation covered in this report
The market is segmented based on Market, Region, Components, Role and Propulsion

By Market
  • By Maintenance
  • By New Submarine Market
Region Wise Segmentation:
  • Africa
  • APAC
  • EU
  • ME
  • NA
  • ROW
By Components
  • Main Structure
  • Control System
  • Propulsion Systems
  • Surveillance & Communication Systems
  • Survival Systems
  • Weapons Handling
  • Others
By Role
  • Attack (Nuclear and Conventional)
  • Guided
  • Ballistic Missile
By Propulsion
  • Nuclear
  • Conventional
Reasons to buy
  • The report Global Submarine and MRO market would help companies who are in the submarine manufacturing market or in the submarine maintenance segment to understand the market potential.
  • The market overview chapter gives a brief about the key developments in the submarine market.
  • The PEST analysis and the Porter’s Five forces analysis helps the readers to understand the impact of Political, Economic, Social and Technology impacts on this market and the overall market attractiveness.
  • The country analysis covers top ten countries based on the size of the existing fleet, nine countries are covered in the country analysis chapter and US is covered in a separate chapter.
  • The market forecast chapter gives the readers a clear understanding of the market potential across segments.
  • The Events Based Forecast chapter considers key parameters and its possible effects on Market Forecast.
  • The Opportunity Analysis chapter would help the readers to understand high potential markets across segments covered in the market forecast chapter.
  • The financial details, recent contract, SWOT and other recent news of the key players in this market are covered in the company profiles section of the report.
Who is this report for?
  • Department of Defense: The report would be of help to the defense department personnel to understand the key programs across countries.
  • Investors: The report would help investors, they could be investment bankers or private equity investors who are considering investments across this market segment.
  • Top Management: The top management or the decision makers in the companies associated to the submarine manufacturing or maintenance market could use this report to take strategic decisions.
  • Submarine Designers: The submarine designers could use this report to understand the key trends which are driving innovations in this market.
  • Suppliers: The suppliers in this market would benefit from the report, especially from the market forecast section.