Advanced sensors have led to the development of advanced robotics systems. This research is primarily focused on the advancements in sensors for robotics used for industrial, logistics, and defense applications. The primary areas focused on are sensor developments in various types of robots, such as legged robots, cobots, and unmanned aerial vehicles, such as drones. The report also provides insights on the the impact of robotics on various sectors, such as healthcare, automotive, and energy.

Further technology development initiated by the key participants in terms of partnerships, M&As, and funding to accelerate the development of advanced sensors is included with information on the related technology coupled with case studies on robotics illustrated in the report. Regional analysis investments, R&D activity, advanced sensor manufacturing companies, and regional collaborations are included in the research study.

Key topics covered in the study are the following:
  • The key advanced sensor technologies that are vital in the development of advanced robotics for manufacturing industries, logistics, and defense.
  • The key participants, mergers & acquisitions, partnerships, and funding that focus in leveraging the technologies for robotics.
  • Recent case studies in advanced robotics for various industries.
  • The key challenges in the development of advanced sensors for advanced robots.
  • The sensors technology roadmap for robotics from 2019 until 2030.