In 2012, the telecom industry initiated the transition of voice services from the legacy 2G/3G circuits to the digitized Internet Protocol Multimedia Systems(IMS) based Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE) platform, which offers increased bandwidth and better quality. Since then, a number of network operators have adopted the technology. Today, globally, the number of VoLTE subscribers is greater than that of the legacy voice network. Such development is not possible without test and monitoring solutions that have supported the development of core network elements and the networks through the entire lifecycle. VoLTE test and monitoring market participants offer solutions that support research and development, installation and maintenance, monitoring and troubleshooting activities across all end-user verticals. VoLTE test and monitoring has been continuously expanding, along with growth in VoLTE deployments. However, is the market still growing, is the question.

There are several dynamics that come into play when answering such a complex question. Are current VoLTE subscribers enjoying a good Quality of Experience (QoE)? Is there a need to invest further on the technology or scale up the network?

Moreover, recent developments in the telecom industry that leverage on IoT technology indicate the commercial integration of VoLTE into the LTE Cat-M1 network. What will the impact of such developments be on the VoLTE Test and Monitoring solutions market?

This research service focuses on exploring the current state of the market and assess the future by factoring in recent and expected developments during the forecast period.

Research Scope
The study focuses on identifying the market size of the VoLTE test and monitoring solutions market, market trends, impact of Mega Trends, growth opportunities, and region and vertical-specific trends that will impact the growth during the forecast period. The product segments covered in the study include network infrastructure testing equipment, network monitoring solution, drive testing equipment, and device testing equipment. This research services analyzes global trends by splitting the region into North America, Europe and the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and rest of the world. They key end-user verticals covered in the study include Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs), Service Providers (SPs), device manufacturers, and others such as virtual network operators and wholesale access providers.

Key Issues Addressed

  • Is the market growing, how long will it continue to grow, and at what rate?
  • Which market segments have a higher growth potential?
  • What are the new growth opportunities that market participants could capitalize on?
  • How will the 5G technology impact the VoLTE test and monitoring market?
  • What is competitive environment in each market segment?