Report Scope:
This study provides in-depth coverage of many of the most important economic, technological, political, regulatory and environmental considerations associated with the global markets for the production and use of various types of pipes in the municipal and agricultural sectors. Pipes are made from materials ranging from inorganic clays and concrete to iron and steel and to commodity and specialty polymers. This study focuses on all types of pipes used for water distribution, wastewater and irrigation.

This report includes key technologies (and new technologies), the markets and some key companies that make up the industry, and all of their ramifications.

Demands are estimated for the base period of 2017 and 2018, and forecast for five years through 2023. All market volume figures usually are rounded to the nearest billion in U.S. dollars. All five-year growth rates are compounded and signified as compounded annual growth rates (CAGRs). The estimates are based on manufacturers’ total revenues. Because of this rounding, some growth rates may not agree exactly with figures in the market tables, especially for differences in small volumes.

Report Includes:

  • 45 data tables
  • A detailed overview and industry analysis of global markets for pipes for agricultural and municipal sectors
  • Analyses of global market trends with data from 2017 to 2018, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2023
  • Regional dynamics of the global pipe industry (municipal and irrigation pipes) covering five major regions North America, Europe, APAC, LATAM and MEA
  • Historical perspective of the piping industry, materials used in the production of these pipes, their applications and unique properties, and dimensions of common pipes
  • Information on major drivers and regional dynamics of polyethlene pipes market and current trends within the industry
  • Discussion of environmental and governmental regulatory issues and factors that affect the piping industry, with emphasis on important codes, standards and related factors
  • An analysis of patents issued to various companies for related technologies and new developments in piping technology
  • Company profiles of the leading market players, including Amiantit Group, Endot Industries Inc., Jindal SAW Ltd., National Pipe & Plastics Inc., Saint-Gobain PAM, U.S. Pipe and Wienerberger