The increase in complexity of warfare led to increase in causalities, the combat zones in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan had their individual challenges. The need for increasing the survivability forced nations to equip the soldiers with state-of-the-art protection and combat systems. Ironically, the effect has been a sharp rise in post war non-combat injuries that pointed at excessive load as the cause for the musculoskeletal injuries. The Defense Departments across the world are focusing on manufacturing innovative material which is lighter in weight and stronger in performance.
The cumulative market is expected to surpass USD 96 Billion during the forecast period. The market is estimated at around USD 9.24 Billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 12.83 Billion in 2027 at a CAGR of around 3.7%. The market is expected to move from Independent equipment to Integrated equipment through the study period. The APAC market is expected to account to more than one- third of the Global Soldier Systems market.
 The forecast period of the report titled “Global Soldier Systems Market” is between 2019-2027, however the study period is between 2017-2027. The report is aimed at:
  • Understand the market trends and the key market drivers, restraints and challenges which are expected to help the market evolve.
  • Understand the key technology that are expected to drive innovation in the Global Soldier Systems market.
  • A clear understanding of the future artillery requirements and country level programs.
  • A detailed coverage of the PEST and Porter’s five forces in the Soldier systems market.
  • A specific chapter that covers top ten regional programs across the world, each program coverage includes the OEMs and the key program developments.
  • Detailed market forecast across segments like components, applications and regions.
  • A specific chapter that highlights the key market opportunities in the Soldier System market.
Segmentation covered in this report
The market is segmented based on Region, Components, Application and Deployment
Region Wise Segmentation:
  • North America
  • Europe
  • APAC
  • Middle East
  • ROW
By Components
  • Target Acquisition & Surveillance
  • Monitoring
  • Helmet
  • Vest
  • Navigation
  • Others (PPE & Clothing)
By Applications
  • Protection
  • Combat Support
  • Others
By Deployment
  • Independent
  • Integrated
Reasons to buy
  • The report titled Military Soldier Systems market would be helpful for companies who are planning to enter this market. This would be specifically of interest to companies in the Sensors, Imaging, Nano Technology and Advanced Material Development.
  • The market overview chapter is designed to help readers to understand the complexities in the Soldier Systems market .
  • The market trends chapter covers the key drivers, restraints and challenges in detailed.
  • The PEST analysis and the Porter’s Five forces analysis helps the readers to understand the market and its attractiveness.
  • The country analysis covers ten country level programs and their recent developments, this could be of use to new participants planning to enter this market.
  • The market forecast chapter could be of use to Sales, Marketing and Strategy teams of Soldier Equipment manufacturers to plan their strategies.
  • The Events Based Forecast chapter considers key parameters and its possible effects on Market Forecast.
  • The Opportunity Analysis Chapter helps the readers to identify the top market opportunities, this could be of help to new entrants and the existing players in the Soldier Systems market.
  • The company profiles chapter contains detailed financial and SWOT, apart from recent contract and other information.
Who is this report for?
  • Department of Defense: The Department of Defense and its affiliated organizations could use this report to get an in-depth perspective of the Soldier Systems market
  • Banking and Financial Institutes: The report could be used by individual investors or Investment Banking companies to invest into specific companies in the Soldier Systems market.
  • Decision Makers in an organization: The decision makers in this market could use this report to strategize market entry, new product introduction or any other business decisions.
  • Soldier System Manufacturers: The report could be used by Soldier System Manufacturers across Tiers to understand the market potential. This could also open new business opportunities across the supply chain.
  • Soldier System Designers: The report will be helpful to the designers and research and development teams of the Soldier Systems. The report would help them understand the high potential areas which could yield maximum returns and focus the R&D efforts in these areas.