Citigroup report provides insight into Citigroup’s fintech activities, including its digital transformation strategies, its innovation programs, its technology initiatives, its estimated ICT budgets, and its major ICT contracts.

Citigroup is applying digital technologies across its operational chain, from issuing credit cards to automating the paper-based documentation process. Citi launched its global API Developer Hub, which facilitates open banking, allows the group to connect with developers, and helps it accelerate the development of cutting-edge solutions for its business and its customers.

Citigroup has embarked on a mobile-first strategy to improve its mobile banking services. It has signed strategic partnerships with the likes of IBM, Oracle, Mastercard, and Facebook in order to gain access to advanced tech that can help it improve its products and services. Citi has invested significant money and resources into creating cyberforts to protect its network and data. Citi Ventures invests in start-ups, pilots new technologies, and tests new business models through its innovation labs and businesses.


  • In 2018, Citigroup launched its new innovation lab in London. The lab will focus on areas like data science, visualization, and high-performance computing.
  • D10XSM, Citi’s internal growth platform, encourages employees to build, test, and launch new solutions for its clients and to develop their own entrepreneurial skills.
  • Citigroup is tapping the power of several emerging technologies in order to enhance its business operations, improve its product offerings, provide better customer service, and improve the customer experience. The key technologies under focus are artificial intelligence, big data, cloud, blockchain, alternative reality, cybersecurity, office of the future, e-commerce, digital media, and mobile.

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