“Psoriasis-Patient Digital Landscape” report provides a full picture of multichannel activity directed towards patients in Psoriasis. Patient-specific digital research helps to understand patient journey mapping for more effective patient engagement.

The report answers some key questions:
• What are the key online channels for pharma content distribution across the patient journey? What type of information and resources do consumers want across digital channels from pharma?
• Which digital content should we prioritize, and through which channels should distribute to reach our audience most effectively?
• Which channels, sources and platforms are your audiences relying on for information and decision-making?
• What are the common feature on the competitor website?
• How can pharma brands help to maximize patient adherence to their medicines?

This report helps marketers, multichannel teams and commercial leaders to:
• Understand the extent of your competitors’ digital outreach, including disease awareness, patient education and support and more
• Benchmark digital patient models and strategies against competitors
• Learn which innovators are winning and why
• Implement best practices and prioritize the right content and support
• Validate your plans and justify investment in digital
Note: Certain sections of the report would vary according to the availability of information. This report can be delivered to the clients within 5-7 business days.