Report Scope:
This new report, “GxP/GMP Regulation Testing Service Market in Food, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Cosmetics,” provides a detailed analysis on GxP/GMP regulations, testing services, the current market and future prospects. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of trends in the GxP/GMP testing service market in a global context, including market forecasts and sales through 2024. The report is focused on an analysis of the GxP/GMP regulation testing service market by product type, region and end-use industry.

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of GxP services being offered globally in key sectors, including market forecasts and sales through 2024. The report analyzes the market by segmenting it into the various types of services offered (analytical testing, product development testing, microbiology and sterility testing, packaging and shelf-life testing, and audit testing). The end-user markets focus on the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and medical device sectors. This study surveys the GxP testing service market in all the following geographic regions: North America, Europe and the emerging market region. Emerging markets region include countries like India, China, Korea, Taiwan, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and countries in Latin America.

The report also features new developments and regulations impacting market growth globally.

This new report provides comprehensive profiles of market players in the industry. The chapter on industry structure is focused on changing market trends, leading vendors, their market shares and service offerings. The chapter also covers mergers and acquisitions and any other collaborations or partnerships that happened during the evaluation period of this report that are expected to shape the industry.

Factors such as strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities that are expected to play a role in the evolution of the GxP testing service market have been evaluated.

Excluded from this report are discovery and manufacturing services being offered by contract service companies (CROs/CDMOs). Also excluded are clinical trial services/clinical support services.

Report Includes:

  • 56 data tables and 25 additional tables
  • An overview of the GxP/GMP regulations, testing services market in food, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and cosmetics sectors
  • Analyses of global market trends with data from 2018, estimates for 2019, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2024
  • Regional dynamics of the GxP testing services market in North America, Europe and Emerging markets that include countries like China, India, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Africa
  • Information on the global market data by analytical and testing types and services, end users, application industry and regions
  • Examination of merger and acquisition deals, key competitive landscape and market share analysis of leading vendors
  • Assessment of existing government regulations and technological aspects of GxP guidelines and standards in food, pharma, medical devices, and cosmetic sectors
  • Company profiles of the leading market players in the industry, including Almac Group, Namsa, Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD), Sartorius AG and Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UI)