The advanced functionalities of the modern air platforms, which include sophisticated weapons carriage & delivery systems, advanced radar and communication systems and powerful engines have helped them transform to an unfathomable force in a conflict. The modern-day conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have proven the importance of advanced fixed wing air platforms. During the Gulf War I, the air platforms were the first US asset to enter the enemy territory. UAVs are replacing the manned air platforms in a few missions like surveillance, however, the lack of autonomy to fire any weapon has acted as a key driver to this market. The key missions of air platforms include precision target neutralization, troop transportation, ISTAR mission and special mission like refueling and other training missions.

The cumulative market of the global military fixed wing aircraft is expected to reach around USD 800 Billion during the forecast period 2019-2027. The market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of around 2% to reach around USD 100 Billion in 2027. The North American market is expected to account to more than one-third of the total market. The F-35 platform is one of the key drivers in this market, nearly 40%-45% of the US Fixed Wing Military budget has been towards F-35 program during the past years. Similarly, the A400M program is one of the key drivers in EU.

The period of the "Global Military Fixed Wing Aircraft Market" study is between 2017-2027, with a forecast period of 2019 to 2027. The report is aimed at:
  • Understand the current trends in the Military Fixed Wing Market
  • Identify the key technologies which are expected to affect this market during the forecast period.
  • Analyze the key programs, imports & exports, defense budget and the current air platform fleet mix of top 20 countries.
  • Forecast the market for military fixed wing aircraft based on the key market trends.
  • Identify the key opportunity areas within the market
  • Understand the effect of various market trends on the market forecast in the Events Based Forecast chapter
  • The profiles of major market participants are covered in the company profiles section
Segmentation covered in this report
The market is segmented based on Region, Platform, Fitment and Propulsion.
Region Wise Segmentation:
  • North America
  • Europe
  • APAC
  • Middle East
  • ROW
By Platform:
  • Fighter Aircraft
  • Bomber Aircraft
  • ISTAR Aircraft
  • Transport Aircraft
  • Others
By Fitment
  • Retrofit/ Upgrades
  • Forward Fit/ Line fit
By Propulsion
  • Jet
  • Propeller
Reasons to buy
  • The Military Fixed Wing Aircraft market report helps financial institutions and investment bankers who are considering investments in this market.
  • The key technologies have been dealt in detailed which will help the key stake holders in this market to invest the research and developments in upcoming areas.
  • The report also covers a detailed PEST Analysis and Porter’s Five Forces.
  • The report also covers a detailed country analysis, this chapter covers around 20 countries. The defense budgets, import export data, military defense fixed wing fleet and future programs have been covered for each country.
  • The market trends, which includes the drivers, restraint and challenges are covered in a separate chapter. One of the key drivers in this market include the increase in defense budget, the mandatory 2% (of GDP) contribution towards defense budget by NATO countries are expected to drive this market.
  • The Market Forecast Chapter covers forecast across platforms, regions, fitment and propulsion. It is expected that around 35% -40% of the market would account towards Retrofit market.
  • The high growth market across the market segments have been identified and represented in a separate chapter titled “Opportunity Analysis”.
  • The Chapter titled Events Based Forecast covers various two Scenarios. The input for the Scenarios has been based on the factors which could impact the market.
Who is this report for?
  • Decision Makers in the Government- The report will come handy to the decision makers in the procurement of the MoDs. The country analysis will help them understand the fleet mix across major countries.
  • Top Management and Decision Markers- The report will help the top management understand the key trends which are expected to affect the market during the forecast period. The report will give a clear idea of the market forecast across segments.
  • Suppliers into this market- The report will help the Tier 1, 2, etc. suppliers of the military fixed wing aircraft to focus their R&D towards specific areas, which are in line with the market technologies.
  • Investment Bankers and Financial Analyst- The report will be of help to the investment bankers and the financial analyst to understand the key competitors in the market and their recent developments. The report will also help them understand the key trends and the technology advancements in this market.
  • Potential entrants into this market- The report will help the new entrants in this market to identify the high growth opportunity areas, this would help them focus their activities into these specific segments.