Key Findings
The Global Beta glucan market is expected to progress with a CAGR of 7.26% over the forecast period of 2019-2027. Factors like rising health concern among consumers, decreasing prices of raw materials, and growing applications of beta-glucan in the food industry are driving this market’s growth. The use of beta glucan helps to fortify the immune system and is operative in fending off a various type of common maladies. The growing utility of beta glucan in many applications is bolstering the beta glucan market in the forecast period 2019-2027.

Market Insights
The global beta glucan market is segmented on the basis of category, end-users, and sources. The category segment involves insoluble beta glucan and soluble beta-glucan. The end-users for the beta-glucan market includes sectors like personal care, food & beverages, animal feed and pharmaceuticals. Various sources for beta-glucan include bacteria, fungus, yeast, cereal and algae.

The key players in the beta glucan market are persistently determining newer and better applications of beta glucan in several domains like that of the cosmetics, nutraceuticals, food & beverages, etc. which are further boosting the demand for beta glucan in the market. The growing strategic initiatives by the key players to attain smaller businesses, coupled with increased competition in the market is driving the beta gland market in the forecast period.

Regional Insights
North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Rest of World are the key regions into which the global beta-glucan market is segmented. The European beta-glucan market is predicted to reign the global scene throughout the projected years of 2018-2026. Beta-glucan finds potential application in the cosmetic industry, and since Europe is a major hub for cosmetics, the Beta glucan market too is gaining ground in this region.
On the other hand, the highest CAGR in the global beta-glucan market is expected from the North American region. The fastest growth rate of North America region can be reasoned to the financial support by the private organizations, rising prevalence of diseases such as cancer and diabetes, escalating clinical trials related to beta glucan and strategic initiatives taken by the private organizations. Here, the beta-glucan market finds its primary application in the pharmaceutical sector. Growing instances of diseases like cancer and diabetes and an increasing number of clinical trials related to beta-glucan are contributing to the market expansion in this region.

Competitive Insights
Kemin Industries, DSM NV, Ceapro Inc., Kerry Group PLC, Cargill Incorporated, Tate and Kyle PLC, Garuda International Inc., ImmunoMedic AS, Super Beta Glucan Inc., Biotech PharmaCon ASA, Millipore Sigma, and Lesaffre Human Care are few of the well-known market companies which are operating in the market.