Dialysis is an artificial process of eliminating waste products and excess fluid from the blood when the kidneys stop working properly. It involves diverting blood to a machine to be cleaned, using a special fluid called dialysate, a mixture of pure water and chemicals, to pull wastes out of blood without removing substances which the body needs. The dialysis market is divided into two segments - hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Hemodialysis uses dialyzer to filter wastes and remove extra fluid from body and peritoneal dialysis uses abdominal cavity to remove wastes.

The global dialysis market is growing rapidly, which is mainly driven by the increasing aging population and rise in the occurrence of end renal kidney diseases. High prevalence of diabetes has led to the staggering growth of the market and is expected to show an optimistic view in the comings years as well.

Hemodialysis is the dominant segment of the dialysis market and is further expected to remain the largest segment in future as well. Favorable reimbursement policies and new technologies in dialysis products are positively impacting the market. High treatment cost and strict regulations related to dialysis products are the major challenges which limit the patients from getting the treatment and hinder the market growth.

At the regional level, Asia-Pacific has the largest number of dialysis patients, which is anticipated to grow at an unprecedented growth rate in the coming years. The dialysis market shows presence of the top three companies having control of the market. The companies are expanding their operations through acquisitions and technological advancements.

The report “Global Dialysis Market: Industry Analysis & Outlook (2019-2023)” by Koncept Analytics provides extensive research and detailed analysis of the present market along with future outlook. The report discusses the major growth drivers and challenges of the market, covering North America, EMEA, Asia-pacific and Latin America regions along with the global market. The report profiles the key players of the market including Fresenius Medical Care, DaVita Inc., Baxter International Inc. and B.Braun.