Key Findings
Globally, calcium chloride is widely used as a dust control and de-icing agent. Its market has experienced a growing demand from the FMCG sector in recent years. Global calcium chloride market is estimated to grow with a CAGR of 5.49% to reach a revenue of $1645.10 million by the year 2027. The base year considered for the study is 2018 and the forecast period is 2019-2027.

Market Insights
The significant market segment for calcium chloride is the application segment which is further sub-divided into construction, dust control & de-icing, pharmaceuticals and other applications. Growing demand for calcium chloride in waste treatment and in several agro-industries is significantly boosting the market demand. However, stringent regulations in using them and possible adverse effect of using calcium chloride on to the environment might prove challenging for the market growth.

Moreover, using calcium chloride solution as an anti-icing agent is a proactive approach towards ice and snow control. In dust control applications, it is used owing to its effective road stabilization and dust abatement properties. Calcium chloride has natural hygroscopic properties, which helps retain the moisture which ultimately reduces road dust and aids in soil stabilization.

Regional Insights
North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Rest of World are the regions included in the geographical segmentation of the global calcium chloride market. Asia Pacific is likely to be the fastest-growing region in the global calcium chloride market growing at a CAGR of XX% during the forecast period. Asia Pacific market is driven by several applications such as drilling fluids & completion fluids, maintaining pH buffer of the swimming pool water, expanding oil & gas sector, food preservation, medicine, and agriculture. Calcium Chloride market growth in the Asia Pacific is majorly driven by expansion of construction across the Asia Pacific According to the global construction report 2030, the construction output volume growth is estimated to expand at nearly XX% to reach about $XX trillion globally by 2030 with three key countries particularly, India, China is leading the growth and accounts for about XX% of the worldwide construction growth. Calcium Chloride improves the strength of concrete while delivering a high rate of the concrete set.

Competitive Insights
Some of the famous global companies operating in this market include Hill Brother Chemical Company, Tetra Chemicals, Zirax Limited, Tangshan Sanyou Chemical Industries Co., Ltd., Weifang Taize Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., Weifang Haibin Chemical Co. Ltd., BJ Services Company, Quingdao Huadong Calcium Producing Co. Ltd., Solvay SA, Aditya Birla Chemicals Ltd., Nedmag, Peters Chemical Company, Tiger Calcium, Auro Chemical, and The Dow Chemical Company (Occidental Chemical Corporation).