Filtration is of utmost importance due to its ability to reduce contaminants in the effluent stream, air or water. Filtration technologies are primarily classified based on adsorption, absorption and membrane filtration. Technical fabrics are usually filter- and screen-based fabrics made using varied materials, which include natural fibers like cotton and wool, synthetic fibers like polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, glass and ceramic fibers. The use of technical fabric is gaining relevance in filtration processes across industrial, transportation and residential applications.

They are predominantly incorporated into membrane filtration processes with non-woven fabrics widely adopted to increase the efficiency of the filtration processes. Membranes incorporated with the fabrics are more effective due to its complex 3D structure. While a wide range of materials/fibers are used for developing the fabrics, synthetic polymer-based fibers made using materials like polyethylene, polyamide, polypropylene are dominant.

This research service titled “Technical Fabrics in Filtration- Opportunity Assessment“ discusses the recent developments in technical fabrics focused on filtration technologies. It also assess the role of technical fabrics in each filtration technology and the emerging opportunities for the same in filtration industry. The research also provides a deep dive analysis of potential use of technical fabrics in key filtration technologies.

In brief, the research study captures the following:
  • Overview of various filtration technologies and the role of technical fabrics in the same.
  • Assessment of key innovations, research focus areas and technology developments.
  • Key factors that influence the adoption of technical fabrics in filtration technologies.
  • Noteworthy developments related to technical fabrics for various filtration technologies.
  • Mapping of use of technical fabrics to filtration to end-use industries.
  • Emerging opportunities for technology developers of technical fabrics in filtration