Fitness equipment is used to enhance the strength or conditioning effects of each exercise, providing a fixed or adjustable resistance, or to improve the outcome of the exercises. Fitness exercises help manage weight and improve physical endurance as well as the development of muscle strength. Fitness equipment has become the key to change by helping people to shape and condition their bodies.

Fitness equipment includes dumbbells, weight plates, barbells, stair climbers, elliptical machines, rowing machines, treadmills, exercise bikes, medicine balls, rowing machines, and hydraulic rowing machines. The increasing middle class segment and obese population are the main drivers for the growth of the fitness equipment market. The market is growing at a steady rate with the growing popularity of digital wellness platforms. With increasing disposable income and rising economic growth, the market is expected to exhibit substantial growth in the coming years.

Developing economies showed the fastest growth in the fitness equipment market with a growing number of chronic diseases and rising health awareness among people. Adoption of healthy lifestyle and increasing fitness expenditure positively impacted the gym memberships, which will boost the growth of fitness equipment in the forecasted period.

The global fitness equipment market is highly concentrated among a few large brands with four top players; Technogym, Life Fitness, Precor and Johnson Health Tech. The companies are setting a highly competitive atmosphere in the global market with their products and pricing strategies.

The report “Global Fitness Equipment Market: Industry Analysis & Outlook (2019-2023)” by Koncept Analytics provides extensive research and detailed analysis of the present market along with future outlook. The report discusses the major growth drivers and challenges of the market, covering Europe and the North America and APAC region along with the global market. The report profiles the key players of the market including Technogym, Brunswick Corporation, Amer Sports Corporation and Nautilus, Inc.