The aim of this study is to research, analyze, and forecast the business impact of the service marketplaces business model in the automotive aftermarket. Service marketplaces are a direct outcome of the digital wave disrupting the automotive aftermarket service industry. As per Frost & Sullivan’s analysis, a majority of the activity is currently visible in Germany, the UK, the US, and France. In other markets, including China and India, eCommerce in aftermarket parts and service retail is catching up quickly. Over the last 1–2 years, there has been significant activity from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Equipment Supplier (OES) channel backing this business model strongly. In the next 2–3 years, service marketplaces are expected to evolve to be a strong channel to market with, with online job booking accounting for an estimated 3%–5% of total service jobs in the countries under the scope.

Key Features

  • Providing a strategic overview of the emergence and growth of the service marketplaces business model in the automotive aftermarket
  • Providing industry benchmarking of different marketplaces
  • Estimating and forecasting the future market revenue potential
  • Developing an understanding of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for a successful business model involving multiple stakeholders
  • Developing actionable recommendations for existing participants to ensure channel growth and to identify channel entry strategies for prospective new entrants

Research Highlights
The study looks at the service aftermarket in four countries: the US, the UK, Germany, and France, and analyzes the workshop network adoption of the service marketplace concept. Analysis involves the estimation of the current level of penetration in the number of jobs booked from service marketplaces and also the dollar value of the total service job booked through these marketplaces. Further analysis covers the estimation of current level of revenue generated by these marketplaces and forecasts the same for 2025. Country-level analysis provides information on the penetration of service marketplaces in each of these regions for service jobs, service revenue penetration, and also service marketplace revenues. The research also covers benchmarking of top market participants on KPIs and provides an in-depth analysis of the strategic engagement opportunities for different types of stakeholders involved in the aftermarket service industry, including OEMs, OES, aftermarket distributors, eCommerce participants, and others.

Key Issues Addressed

  • How has the aftermarket service marketplaces business model evolved?
  • Which are the key market participants and how do they compete with each other?
  • How are other industry participants being impacted and what is the business opportunity for them?
  • What is the market demand at present and how is this expected to evolve by 2025 across different geographies under the scope of the study?