Key Findings
The Asia Pacific market for the stem cell assay market is anticipated to grow $XX million by 2027 from $ XX million in 2018. During the forecast period, the growth of the market is presumed at CAGR of 19.08%. The base year considered for the market study is 2018. Rise in the adoption of stem cell assay, the evolvement of technology and increase spending in the stem cell assay market are the key drivers in the Asia Pacific stem cell assay market.

Market Insights
India, China, Japan, Australia, South Korea and the Rest of Asia Pacific are considered for the market analysis. The Asia Pacific stem cell assay market is segmented on the basis of types of assay, product, kits, application, end-user, and geography. The Asia Pacific stem cell assay market by type is segmented into cell viability and toxicity assays, isolation and purification assays, cell identification assays, cell differentiation assays, cell function assays, and cell apoptosis assays. The product of Asia Pacific stem cell assay market is segmented into instruments and detection kits. The kits of stem cell assay market are further segmented into adult stem cell kits, human embryonic stem cell kit. The stem cell market by application is further bifurcated into regenerative medicine and therapy development, drug discovery and development and clinical research market. The end-user of the stem cell market is segmented into research institutes and industry research.

Increasing Adoption of Stem Cell Assay, improvement in the Technology, high expense in Stem Cell Research are the major drivers for the market growth in the Asia Pacific region. The rise in the adoption of stem cell assay for drug screening & testing is one of the major reasons driving industry research.

Competitive Insights
The major companies that are mentioned in stem cell assay market of Asia Pacific are Takara Holdings Inc., Cell Bio Labs, Inc., Hemogenix Inc., Corning Inc., Fibrocell Science Inc., Thermo Fisher, Becton Dickinson, Stem Cell Technologies, Promega Corporation, GE Healthcare, R&D Systems, Merck Millipore (holding company is Merck KGaA), Bio-Rad, Stryker Corporation, and Cellular Dynamics International (Holding Company Fujifilm).