China In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) market is likely to exceed US$ 15 Billion mark by 2025. China is a large and fast-growing in vitro diagnostics (IVD) market - in fact, only second to the United States in terms of value. Historically, large multinational companies have dominated IVD market in China; today, domestic companies such as Shanghai Kehua Bio-Engineering (KHB) being one of the largest - are now gaining market share.

China represents one of the largest clinical laboratory markets in the Asia-Pacific region, and the fastest growing among the top ten IVD country markets. China’s quickly aging population means the country is experiencing an explosion of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. All of these conditions can be diagnosed and monitored using IVD products. Further, the average Chinese consumer is now willing and able to pay more for healthcare than a decade years ago. Hence, China has the potential for more dramatic growth in the future.

China IVD Market Segment Wise Analysis

  • Immunoassay captures maximum share of the China IVD market.
  • Clinical Chemistry holds the 2nd position in China IVD market being followed by Molecular Testing.
  • The molecular testing market in China is expected to show double digits growth rate during the forecasted period.
  • China SMBG market is dominated by foreign IVD companies such as Roche.
  • Microbiology and Hematology segments are competing closely with each other to grab maximum share of the pie.
  • Point of Care Testing accounts for least share of the China IVD market.

China IVD Market Company Analysis

  • Roche captures maximum share of the China IVD market.
  • Sysmex Corporation and Mindary Medical are other top two players in the China IVD market.
  • Sysmex is expanding its business portfolio in China, such as by entering the immunochemistry field there in 2015.
  • At present, many local players are present in China IVD market and their combined market share is likely to exceed 54 percent by 2025.

iGATE RESEARCH report titled “China IVD Market, Share, Trends, Regulations, Reimbursement & Key Players Analysis - Forecast to 2025” provides a comprehensive analysis of the China In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD Market.

This 106 Page report with 34 Figures and 3 Tables has been analyzed from 10 View Points:

1) China IVD Market and Forecast (2009 - 2025)
2) China IVD Market Share and Forecast (2009 - 2025)
3) China IVD Market & Forecast – By Segment (2009 - 2025)
4) Development Environment and Regulatory Status in China IVD market
5) China IVD Market & Forecast – Key Players Sales Analysis (2010 - 2025)
6) Registration for In Vitro Diagnostic Reagents in China
7) Regulatory History/Status/Trends in China IVD Market
8) Reimbursement of IVD Products in China
9) Profiles of Select Private Clinical Labs and Diagnostic Services Companies
10) China IVD Industry Drivers & Challenges

China IVD Market – By Application Segments

1. Clinical Chemistry Market
2. Immunoassay Market
3. Hematology Market
4. Coagulation Market
5. Microbiology Market
6. Molecular Testing Market
7. Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG) Market
8. Point of Care Testing (POCT) Market

China IVD Sales & Forecast – Key Players Analysis

1. Roche Diagnostic
2. Abbott Laboratories
3. Sysmex Corporation
4. Mindray Medical International Limited
5. Shanghai Kehua Bio-Engineering Co. Ltd.
6. Others

Profiles of Private Clinical Labs and Diagnostic Services Companies in China

  • Zhejiang Di’an Diagnostics Technology Co., Ltd
  • ADICON Clinical Laboratories
  • Guangzhou Kingmed Diagnostics Center Co. Ltd.
  • Kindstar Global (Privately held)
  • BGI-Shenzhen (Privately held)
  • OriGene Technologies (Privately held)

Research Methodologies
Primary Research Methodologies: Questionnaires, Surveys, Interviews with Individuals, Small Groups, Telephonic Interview, etc.

Secondary Research Methodologies: Printable and Non-printable sources, Newspaper, Magazine and Journal Content, Government and NGO Statistics, white Papers, Information on the Web, Information from Agencies Such as Industry Bodies, Companies Annual Report, Government Agencies, Libraries and Local Councils and a large number of Paid Databases.