Report Scope:
This report reviews ceiling tile technology categories and provides relevant information on markets and production, technological descriptions and issues, applications, and potential market factors. It also provides an overview of relevant incentives and regulations in major global markets. This report will be of interest to current and potential manufacturers and suppliers of ceiling tiles, entrepreneurs and companies interested in entering or expanding into the ceiling tile sector. It will also be of interest to corporate planners and strategists, building management industry R&D strategists, ceiling tile and building product and technology developers and engineers, companies seeking to commercialize new ceiling tiles and associated products, ceiling tile industry groups, other public- and private-sector interest groups, and market analysts.

The market analysis provided in this report is based on a variety of data sources. These include the most recent government, industry and corporate data on ceiling tile sales, production, imports, and exports; manufacturing rates and detailed commercial building trends used to help gauge historic and anticipated future market growth; data generated by recent and ongoing R&D efforts aimed at identifying new and developing niches for certain classes of ceiling tiles, and potential for associated growth; and corporate announcements for keystone industry developments, new products and successes.

Ceiling tile technology advances can be characterized by incremental change, rather than industry-shaping leaps. Accordingly, emerging ceiling tile technologies that may become commercially viable within the next five years are summarized but are not included in the market assessment of this report. To present growth forecasts for the five-year forecast period, BCC Research analyzed major viable ceiling tile materials and applications, determined current market status, and examined impacts on future markets. BCC Research also assessed and discussed technological issues, including the latest trends, as well as current and likely industry trends and updates. Sales of both new and replacement/ retrofit ceiling tile systems are considered.

This report analyzes the ceiling tile industry on a global basis in terms of its manufacturing and the deployment of technologies and products. It also examines key market drivers and headwinds and their roles in driving or restricting the global ceiling tile market.

Report Includes:

  • 66 data tables and 43 additional tables
  • An overview of the global market for ceiling tiles
  • Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2017, 2018, and projections of CAGRs through 2023
  • Coverage of history and evolution of ceiling tiles, their characteristics and types
  • Discussion of both residential and commercial applications of ceiling tiles
  • Detailed profiles of key competitors of the market, including Armstrong World Industries, Keel Manufacturing, Maxxon Corp., Liberty Industries, Poly Molding LLC and ReWall Company