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Key Findings
The global nano-coatings market is projected to expand from $XX million in 2018 to $XX million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 22.07% over the forecast period. Growth in government support incentives, technological advancements, increasing application in health care and investments in R&D activity are majorly driving the nanocoatings market.

Market Insights
The nanocoatings market is segmented into application, product and geography. The nanocoatings market on the basis of the application is segmented into automotive, electronics, medical & healthcare, building & construction, food and packaging, marine and other applications. On the basis of product, the nanocoatings market is segmented into anti-microbial nanocoatings, anti-fingerprint nano-coatings, self-cleaning nano-coating, easy-to-clean and anti-fouling nano coating and others. The nanocoatings market on the basis of geography is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the world.

A rise in the growth of the nanotechnology industry has led to the increasing adoption of nanocoatings in the global nanocoatings market. With rising demand from the automotive and medical industry, the nanocoatings market is propelled for advancements on a global scale. An increase in demand leading to growth in the coating industry; with the polymer coating on steady growth and several technological advancements are some of the dominant drivers for the growth of the nanocoatings market.

Regional Insights
North America accounts for the largest market share of the global nanocoatings market. Increasing usage of nanocoatings in diverse end-user industries is driving the North America nano-coatings market growth. There is a growing demand for anti-microbial nanocoating surfaces, which can aid in preventing infections from hospitals like the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Europe nanocoatings market is projected to proliferate throughout the forecast period while the Asia-Pacific nano-coatings market is projected to exhibit the fastest growth.

Competitive Insights
The leading players in Nanocoatings market are Admat Innovations, Eikos Inc., PPG Industries Inc., AkzoNobel N.V., Aquashield Technologies, BASF, CG2 Nanocoatings Inc., Inframat Corporation, Integran Technologies, Nano-Care AG, Nanofilm Ltd. (Pen Inc.), Nanophase Technologies Corporation, Bio Gate (Syntosbeteiligungs Gmbh), Nanovere Technologies LLC, Nilima Nanotechnologies, P2i Ltd., Surfix BV-Advanced Nanocoatings and Tesla Nanocoatings.