Key Findings
Due to the rapidly growing demand for food preservation, more businesses in the Asia Pacific region have pledged their commitment to enhancing the efficiencies of the food packaging quality which has become a major driver for the growth of the micro-perforated food packaging industry in the APAC region. The regional market growth has been predicted to be 4.47% CAGR in the forecasting period of 2019-2027.

Market Insights
China, India, Japan, Australia, South Korea & the collective countries that form the Rest of Asia Pacific are considered for the market study. The Indian market for micro-perforated food packaging products has been expected to be the fastest growing one due to the rising incomes, modern retail trade and urban lifestyle deviations among the customer base. Also, the rapidly increasing population in the Indian metropolitan cities are found to have a higher consumption of food packaging products, which can be a key factor for the Indian regional market to be among the top markets for packaged food globally.

Competitive Insights
The eminent market players in the Asia Pacific market are Mondi PLC, Sealed Air Corporation, KM Packaging Services Ltd., Amerplast, Coveris Management GmBH, Amcor Limited, TCL Packaging, Ultraperf Technologies Inc., Bollor? Group and Uflex Ltd. who are responsible for the advancements in the market.