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"Telcos in Retail - Beyond Network Connectivity", report evaluates major telcos’ positioning in retail, including various areas from network and communication technology to smart store concepts, IT security and analytics. A scoring for major telcos compares their retail-specific capabilities and positioning. The report also provides advice for IT vendors as well as the telcos.

Telcos tend to be the leading network and communications services providers to retailers, but are increasingly under pressure to innovate and go beyond their core business. They look to diversify by launching retail-specific solutions and holistic store concepts that include IoT, analytics and security solutions.


  • Telcos need to offer holistic solutions with a clear and innovative vision which differentiates from existing concepts by competing vendors without being too prescriptive on the technology.
  • They need to showcase retail-specific case studies. Many telcos struggle to gain a foothold with retailers beyond their existing business areas because they cannot prove their credibility with high-profile retail customer cases.
  • Telcos should learn from their partners before starting to compete with them.
  • Innovative retail solutions providers are likely to be partners in some areas; and telcos need to ensure that they understand retailers’ challenges in detail before risking a clash with these providers and systems integrators.

Reasons To Buy

  • Gain a deeper insight into telcos’ retail strategies and their positioning in retail-specific areas that go beyond network and communications services.
  • Understand how telcos can compete for leadership in digital retail through concepts that include IoT, analytics, security solutions.
  • Retailers’ challenges and vendor choices are discussed, and useful advice provided for telcos and other IT vendors regarding targeting retailers and competitively positioning their offerings.