The Electronic Warfare(EW) market is a mature market with a relative high $ volume, currently around $15bn annually, although the 4 reports part of this bundle show 2016 $ volumes ranging from $10.31bn up to $20.55bn. The CAGR growth is around 4% the next 5 to 10 years.


The EWmarket is generally divided into 3 sub-markets, which are used by all 4 reports to split growth $ volumes and CAGR numbers:

  • Electronic Attack (EA)
    Contains: Radar Jamming & Deception, Anti-Radiation Missiles (RAM), Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs), Electromagnetic Pulses (EMP). Directed Infrared Countermeasures (DIRCMs).
  • Electronic Protection (EP)
    Contains: Active Decoys, Towed Decoy Systems, Radar Reflective Decoy Chaff, Infrared (IR) Flare Dispensers, Electromagnetic Hardening, Emission Control (EMCON), Spectrum Management, Wartime Reserve Modes (WARM)
  • Electronic Support (ES)
    Contains: Electronic Intelligence (ELINT), Radar Warning Receivers (RWRs), Laser Warning Receivers (LWRs), Electronics Security, Electronic Warfare Education and Training, Electronic Warfare Testers

This bundle of 4 reports on Electronic Warfare (EW) consists of all available market studies on EW published by 4 different publishers/analysts. We have created this bundle for companies that want to have a full understanding of the future EW market. By evaluating 4 different growth scenarios from different analyst sources with: product information, technologies, key vendor analysis and split data per geographic area, your company will be informed in the best possible way on the future of Electronic Warfare.

The bundle consists of the following 4 reports and is available with a bundle discount of 20%.
Report Code Report Title Publisher / Analysts Published Pages 1-User PDF
ASDR-318251 The Global Electronic Warfare Market 2016-2026 Strategic Defense Intelligence Dec 2016 133 US$ 4,800.00
ASDR-278031 Global Electronic Warfare Market 2016-2020 Technavio Jun 2016 100 US$ 2,500.00
ASDR-272118 Electronic Warfare Market - Global Forecast to 2021 Markets and Markets May 2016 189 US$ 5,650.00
ASDR-254890 Electronic Warfare (EW) Market Report 2016-2026 Visiongain Jan 2016 466 US$ 2,249.00
TOTAL 888 US$ 15,199.00

The bundle is available as a 1-User PDF package; if you need a multi user license please send us a request for quotation.


Most of the 4 reports only split the $ volumes and CAGR figures into the 3 mentioned sub-markets. Only report ASDR-272118 also breaks the numbers down into sub category’s, products and technology’s as per below table:

Report Code ASDR-318251 ASDR-278031 ASDR-272118 ASDR-254890
Electronic Attack (EA) X X X X
Electronic Protection (EP) X X X X
Electronic Support (ES) X X X X
Jamming & Deception X
Anti-Active & Antie-Passive X
Jammers X
Integrated suits X
Radar warning receivers X
Direction finders X
Directed energy X
Decoys X
Antennas X
Others X
SiC (Silicon Carbide) X
GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) X
GaN (Gallium Nitride) X
Other X

The reports also split the numbers by platform as per below table:

Report Code ASDR-318251 ASDR-278031 ASDR-272118 ASDR-254890
Airborne X X X
Naval X X X
Land X X X
Unmanned X X

Also part of these reports are current contracts, projects and programs and market drivers and restraints and market strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

And by Region / Country as per below table:
Report Code ASDR-318251 ASDR-278031 ASDR-272118 ASDR-254890
Global X X X X
North America X X X
Europe X X X
Asia-Pacific X X X
Middle East X X
Latin America X X
Africa X X
Algeria X
Australia X X
Brazil X
Canada X
China X X X
France X X X
Germany X
India X X X
Israel X X X
Italy X
Japan X
Russia X X X
Saudi Arabia X X X
South Korea X
Turkey X X
United Kingdom X X X
United States X X X