This report, from Stratview Research, studies the global aerospace overhead stowage bin market over the period 2010 to 2021. The report provides detailed insights on the market dynamics to enable informed business decision making and growth strategy formulation based on the opportunities present in the market.

The Global Aerospace Overhead Stowage Bin Market: Highlights
Overhead bins are originally more than a shelf with a door. They have grown in size over the years and yet have not reached the optimum level. Recent passenger surveys revealed that the lack of overhead space is one of the biggest gripes about airline industry today. Airlines keep on conveying to OEMs about their passengers’ complaints regarding the lack of space in the overhead bins. They are seeking bins that are large, easier and safer to use, aesthetically good, and easy to maintain.

Both Boeing and Airbus are developing new stowage bins by carving out every single centimeter of space in such a way that will accommodate more number of rollaboard bags in the aircraft. Boeing is well ahead than the nearest rival Airbus in understanding the passenger complaints regarding the lack of space in the overhead bins. The company developed large pivot bins for its Sky Interior design in 2010 which is used in the smaller B737 fuselage. Boeing celebrated the delivery of thousand Sky interior designed B737 well before Airbus launched new space bin in the year 2014.

Most of the major overhead stowage bin manufacturers are working with OEMs for developing the bins that are lightweight, aesthetically good, and large in size to accommodate more number of rollaboard bags in the cabin. Recently, FACC AG jointly worked with Airbus and developed a new modular pivot overhead stowage bin (pOHSB) for A320 family which increases the overhead stowage volume by 10% and allows increased capacity for up to 60 percent more luggage.

The global aerospace stowage bin market offers a healthy growth opportunity and is likely to grow at a 5.1% CGAR during the forecast period of 2016 to 2021. Increasing commercial aircraft deliveries and growing aircraft fleet size are the key drivers in the global aerospace overhead stowage bin market. Pivot bin is a standard in all new aircraft, such as B787, A350XWB, and C Series.

North America is expected to remain the dominant region in the aerospace stowage bin market since it’s the manufacturing hub of the major commercial aircraft manufacturer, Boeing. Wide body aircraft segment is expected to drive the global aerospace overhead stowage bin market during the forecast period.
The supply chain of this market comprises raw material manufacturers, bin component manufacturers, overhead stowage bin manufacturers, Aircraft OEMs, and Airlines. The key aerospace OEMs are Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, ATR, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and key airliners are Lufthansa, Delta Air, Air China, and Singapore Airlines.

The key overhead stowage bin manufacturers are Zodiac Aerospace, FACC AG, Boeing Interior Responsibility Center, Jamco Corporation, and Aim Altitude. New product development, collaboration with OEMs, and long term contacts are the key strategies adopted by the key players to gain competitive edge in the market. All the players are developing larger and lightweight bins that can accommodate more number of carry on rollaboard bags.

Research Methodology

This report offers high quality insights and is the outcome of detailed research methodology comprising extensive secondary research, rigorous primary interviews with industry stakeholders and validation and triangulation with Stratview Research’s internal database and statistical tools. More than 500 authenticated secondary sources, such as company annual reports, fact book, press release, journals, investor presentation, white papers, patents, and articles have been leveraged to gather the data. More than 10 detailed primary interviews with the market players across the value chain in the all four regions and industry experts have been executed to obtain both the qualitative and quantitative insights.

Report Features

This report provides market intelligence in the most comprehensive way. The report structure has been kept such that it offers maximum business value. It provides critical insights on the market dynamics and will enable strategic decision making for the existing market players as well as those willing to enter the market. The following are the key features of the report:

  • Market structure: Overview, industry life cycle analysis, supply chain analysis
  • Market environment analysis: Growth drivers and constraints, Porter’s five forces analysis, SWOT analysis
  • Market trend and forecast analysis
  • Market segment trend and forecast
  • Competitive landscape and dynamics: Market share, product portfolio, product launches, etc.
  • Attractive market segments and associated growth opportunities
  • Emerging trends
  • Strategic growth opportunities for the existing and new players
  • Key success factors

The global aerospace overhead stowage bin market is segmented into the following categories:

Global Aerospace Overhead Stowage Bin Market by Aircraft Type:

  • Narrow Body Aircraft
  • Wide Body Aircraft
  • Very Large Aircraft
  • Regional Aircraft

Global Aerospace Overhead Stowage Bin by Platform Type:

  • B737
  • B747
  • B777
  • B787
  • A320 Family
  • A330 / A340
  • A350 XWB
  • A380
  • B737 Max
  • B777X
  • A320 neo
  • A330 neo
  • E 175
  • C Series
  • Others

Global Aerospace Overhead Stowage Bin Market by Bin Type

  • Shelf Bin
  • Pivot Bin
  • Translating Bin

Global Aerospace Overhead Stowage Bin Market by BoardType

  • Inboard Overhead Stowage Bin
  • Outboard Overhead Stowage Bin

Global Aerospace Overhead Stowage Bin Market by Fit Type

  • Line Fit
  • Retro Fit

Global Aerospace Overhead Stowage Bin Market by Region

  • North America
  • ·US
  • ·Canada
  • ·Mexico
  • Europe
  • ·Germany
  • ·France
  • ·UK
  • ·Italy
  • ·Spain
  • ·Rest of Europe
  • Asia – Pacific
  • ·China
  • ·Japan
  • ·India
  • ·Rest of Asia-Pacific
  • Rest of the World
  • ·Middle East
  • ·Latin America

Report Customization Options
With this detailed report, Stratview Research offers one of the following free customization options to our respectable clients:

  • Regional Segmentation
  • ·Current market segmentation of any one of the regions by bin type
  • Benchmarking of Key Competitors
  • ·Benchmarking of the key players on the following parameters: Product portfolio, geographical reach, regional presence, and strategic alliances
  • Company Profiling
  • ·Detailed profiling of additional market players (upto 3)
  • ·SWOT analysis of key players (upto 3)