Data volumes are doubling every 2 years. Data complexity presents itself in two forms - Volume and Variety. The rise and proliferation of mobile apps, SaaS and on-premise applications, and IoT and M2M, the data has become one of the most important business factors. CIOs and IT decision makers have a compelling reason for developing hybrid, on-premise and cloud deployment models to ensure market leadership and competitive differentiation. The successful deployment of a hybrid model depends on the effectiveness of the data integration and its capability to flexibly provide meaningful data across the correct channel.

The emergence of hybrid deployments as the preferred approach for integrations compels IT leaders to look at increased convergence of data and application integration. Cloud is a strategic stop in this evolutionary path. Coupled with this is the fact that the nearing end of the cycle of ETL and ESB technologies. Both these are increasingly losing relevance in the cloud era, where the rise of mobility, social, data and analytics necessitates new approaches to solve challenges from data and app integrations.
Typical front-office applications have migrated to the cloud. Application categories, platforms, analytics and architecture are increasingly being transitioned to the cloud. All this points to iPaaS as the go to solution to enable enterprise to ease this transition and put enterprises on the desired path towards digital transformation. The elimination and reduction of legacy systems brings two key aspects – cost savings and technical prowess. Beyond efficient integrations, the elimination of integration middleware is a big plus for both the enterprise and SMB segment.

iPaaS solutions entail lower upfront costs coupled with the ability to perform faster and automated deployments. The integrations built through iPaaS will empower businesses with the necessary scale, flexibility and control for the future. iPaaS is a key accelerating force towards the integration of cloud and on-premise systems. Arcluster forecasts the worldwide iPaaS market to reach $2.15 billion in 2021.