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NetApp, Inc - Key Company Facts
NetApp, Inc - Company Description
NetApp, Inc - Top Executives
NetApp, Inc- Top Executives Biographies
NetApp, Inc- Head Office & Locations
Head Office - Country
Key Subsidiaries
Key Joint Ventures
NetApp, Inc - Products and Services
NetApp, Inc - Historic Events
NetApp, Inc – Company’s Management Discussion
NetApp, Inc – Company’s Mission and Vision
NetApp, Inc - Corporate Strategy
NetApp, Inc - Business Description
Hybrid Cloud Segment
Public Cloud Segment
NetApp, Inc - ESG Spotlight
Corporate Governance
NetApp, Inc - SWOT Analysis
NetApp, Inc - Financial Deep Dive
Share Price Trend - Nov-2022 to Nov-2023 (Average Share Closing Price)
Profit and Loss Statement
Summary of Profit and Loss Statement
Balance Sheet
Summary of Balance Sheet
Cash Flow Statement
Summary of Cash Flow Statement
Key Financial Ratio Analysis
NetApp, Inc - Ratio Charts
Activity Ratio Charts
Growth Ratios Charts
Leverage Ratio Charts
Liquidity Ratio Charts
Profitability Ratio Charts
Competing Players
Snapshot of Competing Players
Cisco Systems Inc
Key Company Facts
Company Description
Snapshot of Competing Players
Dell Technologies Inc
Key Company Facts
Company Description
Snapshot of Competing Players
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
Key Company Facts
Company Description
Snapshot of Competing Players
International Business Machines Corporation
Key Company Facts
Company Description
Snapshot of Competing Players
Hitachi Vantara LLC
Key Company Facts
Company Description
Snapshot of Competing Players
Pure Storage, Inc.
Key Company Facts
Company Description
Snapshot of Competing Players
Nutanix, Inc.
Key Company Facts
Company Description
NetApp, Inc - Key Deals
11-Jul-2023 - NetApp and DreamWorks Animation Extend Multi-Year Strategic Alliance
24-May-2022 - NetApp Closes Acquisition of Instaclust
23-Feb-2022 - NetApp Acquires Fylamynt to Bring Automation Capabilities to Spot by NetApp’s Leading CloudOps Portfolio
04-Oct-2021 - NetApp to Acquire CloudCheckr and Expand its Spot by NetApp CloudOps Platform to Enable Organizations to Better Optimize and Secure their Multi-Cloud Infrastructure
22-Jun-2021 - NetApp Acquires Data Mechanics to Accelerate Spot Roadmap and Optimize Data Analytics and Machine Learning Workloads in the Cloud
13-Jul-2020 - NetApp Closes Acquisition of Spot
29-Apr-2020 - NetApp Acquires Leading Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Player, CloudJumper
NetApp, Inc - In the News
18-Oct-2023 -NetApp Announces New Partner Program with NetApp Partner Sphere
29-Aug-2023 -NetApp Wins Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year Awards for Infrastructure Storage and Marketplace Infrastructure
24-Aug-2023 -NetApp and Google Cloud Introduce Managed Storage Service to Revolutionize Enterprise Workloads in the Cloud
01-Aug-2023 -NetApp’s Partner Sphere Program Addresses the Complex Demands of Today’s Flash and Cloud Customers
28-Jun-2023 -New Security Features for NetApp BlueXP Offer Cohesive Data Protection Through a Single Point of Control
07-Jun-2023 -Spot by NetApp Survey Highlights the Enterprise-Wide Importance of CloudOps and Identifies Key Challenges for Cloud Teams to Achieve Success
16-May-2023 -NetApp Delivers Simplicity and Savings to Block Storage with New All-Flash SAN Array and Introduces a Ransomware Recovery Guarantee
03-May-2023 -NetApp Appoints Andrew Sotiropoulos as Senior Vice President and General Manager for Asia Pacific
03-Apr-2023 -NetApp Appoints Haiyan Song Executive Vice President and General Manager of CloudOps Business
29-Mar-2023 -NetApp’s 2023 Cloud Complexity Report Highlights the Shifting Demands of a Multicloud Environment
07-Feb-2023 -NetApp Announces New Line of Low-Cost, Capacity Flash Storage for the Modern Data Center
07-Feb-2023 -NetApp Advance Offers Organizations Next Level Hybrid Cloud Flexibility and Efficiency
07-Nov-2022 -NetApp Hires Piero Gallucci as Vice President and General Manager, UK & Ireland
01-Nov-2022 -NetApp Delivers Portfolio Innovations to Address Skyrocketing Energy Costs, Heightened Sustainability Goals for Global Organizations
SWOT Analysis
PESTLE Analysis
Value Chain Analysis
ESG Spotlight
Financial Deep Dive
Financial Ratios -
Activity Ratios
Growth Ratios
Leverage Ratios
Liquidity Ratios
Market Ratios
Profitability Ratios
Research Methodology
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List of Figures

Figure 1: NetApp, Inc- SWOT Analysis 41
Figure 2: NetApp, Inc - Average Share Price Trend - Nov-2022 to Nov-2023 52
Figure 3: NetApp, Inc - Profit and Loss Statement - 2020-2023 54
Figure 4: NetApp, Inc - Balance Sheet - 2020-2023 56
Figure 5: NetApp, Inc - Cash Flow Statement 2020-2023 58
Figure 6: NetApp, Inc - Activity Ratio Charts 60
Figure 7: NetApp, Inc - Growth Ratio Charts 61
Figure 8: NetApp, Inc - Leverage Ratio Charts 62
Figure 9: NetApp, Inc - Liquidity Ratio Charts 63
Figure 10: NetApp, Inc - Profitability Ratio Charts 64
Figure 11: Competing Players - Cisco Systems Inc- Key Financials 67
Figure 12: Competing Players - Dell Technologies Inc- Key Financials 69
Figure 13: Competing Players - Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company- Key Financials 71
Figure 14: Competing Players - International Business Machines Corporation- Key Financials 73
Figure 15: Competing Players - Pure Storage, Inc.- Key Financials 76
Figure 16: Competing Players - Nutanix, Inc.- Key Financials 78

List of Tables

Table 1: NetApp, Inc - Company Facts
Table 2: NetApp, Inc - Top Executives
Table 3: NetApp, Inc - Top Executives Biographies
Table 4: NetApp, Inc - Subsidiaries
Table 5: NetApp, Inc - Key Joint Ventures
Table 6: NetApp, Inc - Products
Table 7: NetApp, Inc - Services
Table 8: NetApp, Inc - Historic Events
Table 9: NetApp, Inc - Share Price Trend - Nov-2022 to Nov-2023
Table 10: NetApp, Inc - Ratio Analysis - 2020-2023
Table 11: NetApp, Inc - Competing Players