Table of Content

Chapter 1 Technology Highlights and Market Outlook
Tissue Engineering and Vascularization
Current and Emerging Applications of Artificial Vasculature
Methods for Creating Artificial Vascularization
3D Printing and Bioprinting
Mechanical Ablation
Porous Structures
Emerging Trends and Latest Development Related to Artificial Vasculature
Mussel-Inspired Bioinks
Powder-based 3D Printing
Advanced Imaging Technologies
Artificial Intelligence
Market Outlook for Artificial Vasculature
Analyst’s Credentials
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List of Figures

Figure 1 : Global Market Shares of 3D Printing, by Application, 2025
Figure 2 : Common 3D Printing Processes
Figure 3 : Global Market Shares of Organs-on-a-Chip, by Region, 2025
Figure 4 : Global Market Shares of Tissue Engineering Products, by Region, 2025

List of Tables

Table 1 : Typical Applications of Artificial Vasculature
Table 2 : Global Market for 3D Printing, by Application, Through 2025
Table 3 : 3D Printing Technologies for Tissue Engineering
Table 4 : Global Market for Organs-on-a-Chip, by Region, Through 2025
Table 5 : Global Market for Tissue Engineering Products, by Region, Through 2025