Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Scope and Segmentation
Key Questions this Study will Answer
Market Engineering Measurements
CEO’s Perspective
Global Adoption of OIS and Key Vendors
Executive Summary—3 Big Predictions
Five Growth Opportunities Critical for Future Strategy

Market Overview
Market Overview and Definitions
Market Segmentation

Key Trends
Shift to Offering Cloud Based Oncology Software
OIS Vendors Pushing the Cloud Agenda
Incorporation of AI Tools into OIS
OIS and Key Healthcare Concepts
Value-based Care—A Key Driver for the Adoption of OIS
OIS—Advantage of Driving Precision Medicine in Oncology
Data Aggregated from a Comprehensive OIS—A Critical Component of a PHM Strategy

Vendor Ecosystem
Vendor Ecosystem
Vendor Types and Strategies
Vendor Types and Strategies (Radiation Equipment Vendors + Other Med-tech companies)
Vendor Types and Strategies (EHR Vendors)
Vendor Types and Strategies (other Software Vendors)
Competitor Assessment
Varian Medical Systems
RaySearch Laboratories
Epic Systems
Recent Notable Developments That Impact the OIS Market
Distribution Structure
Critical Success Factors

Market Dynamics
Market Drivers
Market Restraints
Plotting Impact of External Factors (Opportunities and Threats)

Forecasts and Trends
Revenue Calculation Model
Revenue Forecast Assumptions
Market Engineering Measurements
Revenue Forecast
Percent Revenue Forecast by Region
Revenue Forecast
Revenue Forecast
Market Share of Key Vendors

Regional Analysis
Current State of Adoption
Current State of Adoption—North America
Current State of Adoption—Europe
Current State of Adoption—APAC

Growth Opportunities
Five Growth Opportunities Critical for Future Strategy
Growth Opportunity 1—Focus on Precision Medicine
Growth Opportunity 2—Incorporation of AI Algorithms
Growth Opportunity 3—Offering Interoperable Solutions
Growth Opportunity 4—Adoption of the Cloud
Growth Opportunity 5—Expanding into Cancer Care Coordination Solutions

Growth Opportunities Matrix
Identifying Your Company’s Growth Zone
Growth Opportunities 1–5—Vision and Strategy
Growth Opportunities Matrix

Growth Strategy and Implementation
Prioritized Opportunities through Implementation
Legal Disclaimer

List of Exhibits
List of Exhibits (continued)