Table of Content

1.0 Executive Summary
1.1 Scope of Research
1.2 Research Methodology
1.3 IoT-enabled Medical Device Offers Huge Opportunities in COVID-19 Management and Connected Clinical Trials

2.0 Market Overview
2.1 IoT Technology Consists of Connected Sensors and Mobile Devices Network for the Benefit of Healthcare
2.2 Information Collected from Interconnected Devices is Stored on a Cloud Platform for Advanced Analysis and Creating Insights
2.3 IoT Technologies Supports Effective and Timely Disease Management Based on Patient’s Symptoms
2.4 IoT Technologies Empowers Patients to Keep a Track of Their Health and Improves Efficiency for Physicians and Hospitals
2.5 IoT Technologies to Experience High Demand in Health Applications
2.6 Addressing Challenges Related to IoT Technologies can Revolutionize the Health Industry

3.0 Innovative IoT Technologies for Diagnosis and Tracking of Infectious Diseases
3.1 Contact-free Sensor for Remote Monitoring of COVID-19 Patients in Isolation Room
3.2 Wearable Respiratory Monitoring System for Multiple Diseases
3.3 Wearable Sensor Patch for Continuous Body Temperature Monitoring
3.4 Single-use Body Sensor for Continuous Health Monitoring Device
3.5 Application Opportunities: IoT-enabled Medical Devices Remotely Monitor Patients with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

4.0 Innovative IoT Technologies for Predicting Disease Outbreak
4.1 Smart Thermometer to Predict Possible Disease Outbreak in a Community
4.2 AI-powered Portable Surveillance Device for Coronavirus Forecast
4.3 Application Opportunities: Data Collected by IoT-enabled Medical Devices can be Stored as a Reservoir for Future Pandemic Reference

5.0 Innovative Software for Predicting Disease Outbreak
5.1 Automated Surveillance Software for Predicting Infectious Disease Outbreak
5.2 Remote Care Platform Capable of Integrating with Wearables for Monitoring Patients
5.3 Application Opportunities: Remote Care Software Enables Remote Access to Health Information for Physicians and Care Teams

6.0 Growth Opportunities
6.1 IoT Technology is a Necessity in the Era of Pandemic, with High Demand for Interconnected IoT Devices and Health Applications
6.2 IoT Technologies to Make High Impact in COVID-19 and Infectious Disease Management

7.0 Patent Analysis
7.1 High Number of Actively Applied Patents Demonstrates the R&D in IoT-enabled Medical Devices for Infectious Disease Management
7.2 China is the Innovation Hub for IoT-enabled Medical Devices for Infectious Disease Management
7.3 Key Patents – Korea & China

8.0 Key Contacts & Appendix
8.1 Key Contacts
8.1 Key Contacts (Continued)
8.2 Appendix: Technical Readiness Levels

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