Table of Content

Research Scope, Objectives, and Methodology
Research Scope
Research Aims and Objectives
Key Questions this Study will Answer
Research Methodology
Market Segmentation

Executive Summary
2019 Key Findings
Historic Sales by xEV Type
Historic xEV Sales by OEM (Top 5)
Historic PEV Sales
Historic HEV Sales
2019 Market Snapshot
Government Support for EVs
Charging Station Infrastructure—Current Scenario

Overall xEV Market Scenario in 2019
Historic xEV Sales
Top 5 Models—2018 versus 2019
Market Share by xEV Type—2018 versus 2019

PEV Market Scenario
PEV Market Penetration
Historic Sales—BEVs versus PHEVs
Historic PEV Sales—Top 5 OEMs + PEV Type
Historic PEV Sales
2019 PEV Sales—Top 10 OEMs and Models
2019 PEV Monthly Sales
PEV Sales Forecast

HEV Market Scenario
HEV Market Penetration
Historic Sales—FHEVs versus MHEVs
Historic HEV Sales—Top 5 OEMs + HEV Type
Historic HEV Sales
2019 HEV Sales—Top 10 OEMs and Models
2019 HEV Monthly Sales

Government’s Role, Regional Scenario and Incentives
Government’s Role and Regional Scenario
Federal Incentives
Provincial Incentives
Tax-based Incentives

Charging Station Networks
Charging Station Infrastructure—Current Scenario
Charging Station Infrastructure—Common Locations
Key Charging Station Providers—Canada
EV Charging Infrastructure—Standards and Legislation
EV Charging Infrastructure and Plug Types—Specifications
Infrastructure Development—Vancouver
Infrastructure Development—Montreal
Infrastructure Development—Toronto

Growth Opportunity and Companies to Action
Strategic Imperatives
Growth Opportunities and Call to Action

Key Conclusions and Future Outlook
Key Conclusions
Canada’s ZEV Roadmap
Legal Disclaimer

Market Engineering Methodology
Partial List of Abbreviations and Acronyms Used
List of Exhibits
List of Exhibits (continued)
List of Exhibits (continued)