Table of Contents
1.0 Executive Summary
1.1 Research Scope – Foreseeing Challenges and Solutions
1.2 Research Process and Methodology
1.2 Research Process and Methodology (continued)

2.0 Introduction to Energy Analytics
2.1 Equipment Efficiency and Effective Demand Management to Support Energy Transition
2.2 Energy Analytics Working Model
2.3 Energy as a Service (EaaS) and Smart Grid Implementations to Positively Influence Technological Adoption

3.0 Companies to Action
3.1 Arcadia
3.1 Mobile-optimized Online Dashboard (continued)
3.2 Aurora Solar Inc.
3.2 Software for Solar Design and Sales (continued)
3.3 Leapfrog Power Inc.
3.3 Virtual Power Plant Platform (continued)
3.4 METRON-EVA (continued)
3.5 Climatetrade
3.5 Blockchain Technology (continued)
3.6 GridBeyond Limited
3.6 GridBeyond Point (continued)

4.0 IP Landscape
4.1 APAC to Demonstrate the Most Number of Patent Publications
4.2 LSIS, GE, and State Grid to Lead Patenting Activities Across the Globe

5.0 Growth Opportunities
5.1 Growth Opportunity 1: R&D Investment
5.2 Growth Opportunity 2: Technology Convergence
5.3 Growth Opportunity 3: Technology Sourcing
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