Table of Content

Executive Summary
Top Predictions for 2020
Top Trends for 2019
Global and Regional Market Scenario
Global and Regional Market Scenario (continued)

Research Scope
Research Scope

Current State of Health & Wellness in the KSA and the UAE
Lifestyle Disorders
Risk Factors and Hard Facts
Cardiovascular Disorders in the KSA and the UAE
Diabetes and Obesity in the KSA and the UAE
Bone and Joint Health in the KSA and the UAE

Consumer Outlook
The KSA and the UAE—Most Connected Populations in MENA
Voice of Consumers—Organic Trend
Rising Consumer Awareness and Upgraded Consumer Behavior

Stakeholder Outlook
Global and Regional Regulatory Landscape
Changing Industry Strategies—Consumer Health a Shared Responsibility
Voice of Expert Chefs
Voice of Expert Product Managers
Voice of Expert Retail Managers
Stakeholder Discussions Summary

Product Outlook, Trends, and Case Studies
Product Snapshot—Nestle Kit Kat with Matcha Green Tea Flavor
Product Snapshot—Doux Fitlife Frozen Chicken
Product Snapshot—Global Food Industries Plant Protein Burger
Product Snapshot—Hunter Food’s Healthy Snacks
Service Snapshot—Organic Foods and Cafés
Global Product Trends—Replacement of Traditional Ingredients
Sugar Reduction Trend Case Study—UAE
The KSA and the UAE to lead the Region in most F&B Categories
Market Opportunities and Challenges

Growth Opportunities
Growth Opportunities
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth

Key Conclusions and Future Outlook
Health & Wellness—The Current Scenario Triangulation
Health & Wellness—Future Outlook
Legal Disclaimer

Abbreviations and Acronyms Used
Market Engineering Methodology
List of Exhibits