Table of Content

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Key Findings
Introduction to Study

Strategic Context—Rise of IoT and Connected Devices
Introduction—IoT Ubiquity and the Connected World: 2030
Introduction—Expanding Network Security Landscape
Introduction—Threats to the Future Connected Ecosystem

Future of Privacy Overview—Global Regulatory Landscape and the State of Digital Trust
Global Regulatory Landscape—A ‘Universal Vision’ for Privacy
The ‘Digital Trust’ Crisis—Declining Customer Trust in Enterprises
The ‘Digital Trust’ Crisis—Facebook’s Breach of User Privacy
The ‘Digital Trust’ Crisis—Rise of Distributed Trust

Technological Advancements Influencing Future of Privacy
Technologies to Mitigate Privacy Risks
Data De-identification and Re-identification—Opportunity or Threat?
AI and the Rise to Digital ‘Un’freedom
Case Study—Mass AI Surveillance: Curious Case of China
Biometrics for Privacy Vs. Biometrics for Convenience

Future Implications, Scenarios, Opportunities, and Strategic Recommendations
Privacy & Disinformation Risks and Future Implications
Four Distinct Future Privacy Scenarios
Scenario 1—Privacy as a Right
Scenario 2—Privacy as a Luxury
Scenario 3—Privacy as a Utility
Scenario 4—Privacy as a Commodity
Opportunity Analysis by Industry
“Macro-to-micro”—Strategic Recommendations

Future of Cybersecurity Overview—Spending, Global Threat Landscape, and the Future Cyber Workforce
Cybersecurity Overview—Global Cybersecurity Spending
Cybersecurity Overview—The Biggest Cyber Breaches of All Time
Global Commitment to Cybersecurity
Global Cyber Threat Landscape—State of Cyber Warfare
Global Cyber Threat Landscape—The Nuclear Security Dimension
Global Cyber Threat Landscape—Evolution of Dark Web
The Future Cyber ‘Human’ Workforce

Technological Advancements Influencing Future of Cybersecurity
Technologies to Mitigate Cyber Risks
The AI Cybersecurity Paradox—Cybersecurity vs. Cybercrime
AI—Potential Threat to the Cybercriminal World
AI—Potential Uses Enabling Effective Cybersecurity
Automation and the Future of Cybersecurity—Use Cases
Blockchain Enabling End-to-end Privacy and Encryption
Continuous Authentication—Passwords will (Finally) Go Away
Future Cryptographic Solutions—Fighting Quantum with Quantum
Comparison of Quantum-proof Cryptographic Approaches
Personal Cyber Insurance as an Emerging Business Model

Future of Cybersecurity—Industry Use Cases
Cybersecurity—Banking and Financial Services
Smart Cities—Cybersecurity as a Public Good

Future Implications, Opportunities and Strategic Recommendations
Cybersecurity Risks and Future Implications
Opportunity Analysis by Industry
“Macro-to-micro”—Strategic Recommendations
The Last Word—3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer

List of Exhibits
List of Exhibits (continued)
List of Exhibits (continued)