Executive Summary
Key Findings

Polyethylene Market Overview
Scope of the Study
Key Questions this Study will Answer
PE Grades by Demand Application
Macro Overview—South Africa
Macro Overview—South Africa (continued)
Key Sectors Affecting the South African PE Market—Retail
Key Sectors Affecting the South African PE Market—Mining
Key Sectors Affecting the South African PE Market—Construction
Key Sectors Affecting the South African PE Market—Agriculture

Total South African PE Market Analysis
PE Value Chain
PE Value Chain Explained
Total South African PE Market Size
PE Trade by Volume

Competitive Analysis
PE Production Capacity
PE Competitive Environment
PE Competitive Environment Assessment
Top HDPE Industries by Application
Top L/LDPE Industries by Application
Top HDPE Market Participants by Application
Top L/LDPE Market Participants by Application

Polyethylene Demand by Application
PE Split by Application
Blow Molding—Demand Overview
Injection Molding—Demand Overview
Rotational Molding—Demand Overview
Film—Demand Overview
Coating—Demand Overview
Pipe and Sheet—Demand Overview

Converter Segmentation
Customer Segmentation
Blow Molding—Customer Segmentation
Blow Molding—Plastic Converters
Injection Molding—Customer Segmentation
Injection Molding—Plastic Converters
Rotational Molding—Customer Segmentation
Rotational Molding—Plastic Converters
Extrusion Molding—Customer Segmentation
Extrusion Molding—Plastic Converters

Converter Characteristics
Raw Polymer Supply Chain
Raw Polymer Supply Chain Discussion
Product Positioning Across Regions

Drivers and Restraints—Total South African PE Market
Market Opportunities
Market Drivers
Drivers Explained
Drivers Explained (continued)
Market Restraints
Restraints Explained
Restraints Explained (continued)

Total South African PE Market Forecast
PE Market Forecast Explained
PE Product Market

HDPE Segment Forecast
HDPE Segment Size
HDPE Product Segment

L/LDPE Segment Forecast
L/LDPE Segment Size
L/LDPE Segment Market

Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Growth Opportunity 1—Product Development & Tailor Made Applications to Capture New Application Markets and Product Differentiation
Growth Opportunity 2—Increasing PE Demand from South Africa’s Mining Industry
Growth Opportunity 3—Inorganic Growth Strategies for the South African Market
Strategic Imperatives for PE Manufacturers and Converters

The Last Word
The Last Word—3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer

List of Exhibits