1.0 Executive Summary
1.1 Scope of the Technology and Innovation Research
1.2 Research Methodology
1.3 Research Methodology Explained
1.4 Summary of Key Findings
1.4 Summary of Key Findings (continued)

2.0 Structural Health Monitoring and Corrosion Under Insulation– Overview and Impact of Sensing Technologies
2.1 Structural Health Monitoring and Corrosion Under Insulation- An Overview
2.2 Key Methodologies in CUI Detection
2.3 Infrared Thermography – Significance and Methodology
2.4 Profile and Computed Radiography Significances
2.5 Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT)
2.6 Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC) Testing
2.7 Structural Health Monitoring - Overview
2.8 Structural Health Monitoring – Types of Techniques
2.9 Key Structural Health Monitoring Sensors – Piezoelectric Smart Sensors: PVDF
2.10 Key Structural Health Monitoring Sensors – Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors
2.11 Key Structural Health Monitoring Sensors – MEMS Sensors
2.12 Wireless Sensors have Opportunities for Wider Adoption
2.13 Accelerometers and Acoustic Emission have Opportunities for Adoption

3.0 Industry and Application Impacts
3.1 Smart Sensors in Structural Health Monitoring Applications
3.2 Civil Infrastructure Industry/Piping Industry & Construction/Fertilizer Industry

4.0 Factors Influencing Technology
4.1 Market Drivers: Aging Infrastructure and IoT
4.2 Demand will be Boosted by the Need to Monitor Aging Infrastructure and IoT
4.3 Market Challenges: Sensor Longevity and Indirect Damage Detection
4.4 Limitations in Indirect Damage Detection and High Investment Cost are Key Challenges

5.0 Global Patent Landscape
5.1 CUI Sensors and Structural Health Monitoring Sensors – Global Patent Trend Analysis

6.0 Key Innovations and Technology Developments
6.1 Metal Samples Company – Sensor Probe for Corrosion Detection
6.2 Integrity Diagnostics – Acoustic Sensor for CUI Application
6.3 CorrosionRADAR – Distributed Sensors for Concealed Corrosion Monitoring
6.4 Rohrback Cosasco Systems – Corrosion Monitoring Sensors
6.5 GEMAC – Precision Sensors for Monitoring Bridges and Buildings
6.6 Sensuron – Fiber Optic Sensing for Structural Monitoring
6.7 WaveScan - Beamforming Electromagnetic Wave-based Smart Wireless Non-destructive Testing
6.8 Structural Monitoring Systems Plc – Sensor for SHM Applications
6.9 E-Globaledge Corporation – Seismic Acceleration Sensor for SHM
6.10 Resensys – Wireless Structural Health Monitoring Solutions
6.11 Luna - Distributed Wireless Sensor Network for SHM
6.12 Corr Instruments LLC – Corrosion Monitoring Sensors
6.13 iSensPro – Sensors for Monitoring Moisture Content in Pipelines
6.14 ClampOn AS – Active Ultrasonic Sensors for CUI
6.15 University-based Innovations Enabling SHM/CUI Applications

7.0 Growth Opportunities & Strategic Insights
7.1 Growth Opportunities and Future Scenarios
7.2 Role of IoT in SHM and CUI Applications
7.3 Strategic Insights

8.0 Key Industry Contacts
8.1 Key Industry Contacts
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