Table of Content

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Executive Summary—Key Findings
Telematics Evolution—Features Analysis
Future Telematics Services—Leveraging IoT and New Technology
Proactive First Notification Of Loss (FNOL)
OEM Strategies and Key Focus Areas
Telematics Features—Benchmarking by Region
Key Developments—Advanced Connectivity Solutions
Definitions—Types of Telematics Services
Research Scope, Definitions, and Methodology
Research Scope
Product Definitions—Types of Telematics Solutions
Research Methodology
Key Questions This Study Will Answer
Forecasts—Embedded Telematics in the Automotive Industry
Market Landscape—Connected Car Volume Forecast
Global Embedded Telematics Subscribers Forecast by Region
Market Trends in Telematics
Market Avenues for Key Ecosystem Participants
Retrofit Connectivity—OEM Strategies to Increase Telematics Penetration
Remote Connectivity Apps from OEMs—Key New Offerings
Telematics Services Roadmap
Telematics Hardware Roadmap
Evolving Telematics Service Subscription Offerings
Repositioning OnStar as a Revenue Centre
Impact of eCall Mandate
Reprogrammable eSIM technology
VW CarNet—Strategies to Leverage Full Connectivity
Vehicle Maintenance—From Diagnostics to Predictive Maintenance
Case Study—OnStar's Proactive Alerts
FORDPass Connected Services—Enabling Smart Mobility Initiatives
Volkswagen’s WE Digital Ecosystem
Mercedes-Benz “Me Connect and Connect Business”.
Volkswagen Automotive Cloud—One Digital Platform
Telematics for Electric Vehicles
Benchmarking TSPs
TSP Benchmarking
TSP Benchmarking—Key Findings
OEM Comparative Analysis
OEM Telematics Solutions
European OEM Telematics Services Summary
European OEM App Integration Summary
North American OEM Telematics Services Summary
North American OEM App Integration Summary
Chinese OEM Telematics Services Summary
China OEM App Integration Summary
Global Telecom Operators and Connected Car Programs
Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Automotive Telematics Ecosystem Companies
Growth Opportunity—Partnerships and Business Models
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
Key Conclusions and Future Outlook
The Last Word—3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
Abbreviations and Acronyms Used
Market Engineering Methodology
List of Exhibits
List of Exhibits (continued)