Table of Content

Chapter 1 Sonic Corp.
Food Menu
Recent Changes in the Menu
Recent Developments
Recent Challenges
Business Strategy
Core Strategies
Drive-in Model
BLADE (Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon, Dinner and Evening)
Technology Adoption
Advertising Campaign
Franchise Presence Across States
Financial Analysis
Annual Revenue, 2014-2018
Growth Forecast: Revenue and Number of Restaurants
Sales by Company-Owned vs. Franchise-Owned
Analysis of Average Gross Sales by Store
Analysis of Investment Required for a Sonic Franchise
Key People
Key Takeaways
Analyst’s Credentials

List of Figures

Figure 1 : Share of Expenditure by Sonic Corp., by Advertisement Channel
Figure 2 : Number of Drive-Ins Across Regions in U.S., 2018
Figure 3 : Share of Drive-Ins Across Regions in U.S., 2018 (%)
Figure 4 : Sonic Corp. Annual Revenue, 2014-2018
Figure 5 : Revenue Forecast for Sonic Corp., 2018-2024
Figure 6 : Sales by Company-Owned vs. Franchise-Owned, 2014-2018
Figure 7 : Average Gross Sales by Store, by Region For the 12-Month Period Ending August 31, 2018
Figure 8 : Average Gross Sales, by Store Type, 2014-2018
Figure 9 : Number of Sonic Corp. that Attained or Surpassed the Average Gross Sales


List of Tables

Table 1 : Detailed List of Sonic Corp.Food Items
Table 2 : Sonic Corp. Franchise Models
Table 3 : State-wise Number of Sonic Corp. in U.S., 2018
Table 4 : Growth in the Number of Restaurants for Sonic Corp. 2018-2024
Table 5 : Approximate Franchise Expenditure for Traditional Drive-In
Table 6 : Approximate Franchise Expenditure for Non-Traditional Drive-In