Table of Content

Consumer landscape 2021
Life priorities
S trong family ties are evident, with “me time” not a top priority for many
Prioritising time for favourite activities much lower than global average
Generation Z have much more time for their friends than other cohorts do
Consumers like to stand out from the crowd and be distinct from others
Tailored/curated experiences come out as a top priority for all cohorts
Consumers value new products and services but research them first
Older consumers see greater value in trying new products and services
Home life
Regular virtual connections become the norm for most Saudis
Exercise is a regular home activity except for Generation Z
A safe location is the most desirable home feature
Millennials value smart home functionality more than other cohorts do
Eating habits
Preference for all meal types, except home-cooked well above average
Millennials/Generation X more likely to order food for takeaway/pick-up
Nearly half of Saudi consumers look for superior tasting foods
Veganism is growing as more plant-based food outlets are opened
Nearly half eat snacks while watching TV/streaming video content
Less than 30% of Generation Z eat their meals at the same time each day
Working life
High salaries are considered most important but job security is also key
Being able to work from home is most appealing to baby boomers
To have job security becomes more important with age
Expectations to start own company in future higher than global average
All generations have high expectations of starting own company in future
Sustainable living
Over 70% are trying to have a positive impact on the environment
Older cohorts have the strongest concerns about climate change
Green behaviour activities lower than global average
Baby boomers working hardest to lead a sustainable life
Consumers are more likely to buy products from purpose-driven brands
Baby boomers focus on using sustainable packaging and repairing items
Baby boomers more likely to boycott brands that do not share their beliefs
Leisure habits
Socialising with friends online surges during the pandemic
All generations are comfortable with meeting up with friends online
Consumers leisure shop nearly as often as in-person socialising
Generation X shop as a leisure activity more often than other cohorts
Domestic trips have surged over the previous 12 months
Travellers prefer to relax in a safe destination than visit cultural sites
Shopping opportunities appeal more to Generation X consumers
Health and wellness
A third take health supplements/vitamins almost every day
Over 75% of respondents walk or hike for exercise every week
Running or jogging for exercise is popular among all generations
Consumers more active in all stress-reduction activities than global
Massage is the most popular stress relief among younger generations
Shopping habits
Consumers shop where they can have personalised/tailored experiences
Baby boomers more focused on buying fewer, but higher-quality items
Friends and family shopping recommendations most influential
Generation X and baby boomers rely more heavily on independent reviews
Convenience of a subscription service most motivational reason to use
Consumers still like to shop in store to see and try before buying
Generation X more motivated to shop in store for immediate purchase
Best prices and free delivery motivates consumers to shop online
Baby boomers appreciate the ease of delivery when they shop online
Over half feel it important to cultivate their personal brand online
All cohorts actively manage their data sharing and privacy settings
Saudi consumers have higher ownership of gaming systems than global
High levels of ownership of smartwatches and fitness wearables
Saudis use AR/VR far more to enhance their shopping experience
All generations are highly active on social networking sites