Rising Investments in Fuel Cells R&D

Tuesday 4 December 2012, Amsterdam

Investments in Fuel Cells R&D is rising all over the world as the technology has lot of growth potential and has various advantages over other renewable energy sources like solar, wind etc. Many fuel cell players are investing in new R&D centers to come out with new latest technological products. Besides this, several countries are also focusing on fuel cell deployments to reduce their carbon footprints. For instance, Korea is establishing world's largest town using hydrogen fuel cells.

According to the new research report, "Fuel Cell Market Forecast to 2015", the global fuel cell shipments are anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 20% during 2012-2015. The industry is expected to sustain its growth pace in near future driven by factors like best efficiency amongst energy sources and environment-friendly operation, among others. Our report covers the extensive research on fuel cell and analysis of various segments of fuel cell industry, which has been witnessing an increase in demand for fuel cells in automobile and telecom sectors.

As per our findings, remote applications are expected to grow significantly in the coming years. For instance, Military man-portable applications, such as remote monitoring/sensing and mobile soldier power remain a strong area of focus for fuel cell developers. In addition, it is anticipated to become the largest revenue category for portable fuel cells given the high average cost per unit.

Apart from this, recent R&D activities related to fuel cell have developed platinum-free fuel cells which are expected to significantly reduce the cost of fuel cell in the coming years. Our report covers the major R&D initiatives along with patents that have been filed.

The new report, "Fuel Cell Market Forecast to 2015", is a comprehensive research that contains quality research, in-depth analysis, and authentic statistics regarding the global fuel cell market. It studies the emerging market trends, recent developments, and their impact on the market. Besides, it will help clients in analyzing the leading-edge opportunities, prospective customer base, expected future outlook, and all other factors critical to the success of a new entrant in the global fuel cell market. Apart from all these factors, the report covers a brief analysis of the key players to help clients understand the market, its structure, and progress in the coming years.

Fuel Cell Market Forecast to 2015

Fuel Cell Market Forecast to 2015

Publish date : July 2012
Report code : ASDR-30276
Pages : 145

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