ISIS and the Ebola epidemic drive significant spending in global $10.2bn CBRN defence market, Says the New Study on ASDReports

Wednesday 17 December 2014, Amsterdam

Market Research Report Press Release Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defence continues to play an absolutely indispensible part in any country’s security and defence systems. Although nuclear and radiological agents are relatively difficult to obtain by a non-state actor or terrorist organisation, chemical and biological warfare agents are much easier to produce and often require small labs to manufacture – an environment perfect for modern day terrorist organisations.

ISIS has been recently identified by Western intelligence agencies as aiming to weaponise a number of biological agents. With the rise of homegrown terrorism affiliated with ISIS, the biological and chemical terrorism threat is currently on the increase, which is clearly visible in the previously unexpected increased spending on CBRN. The outbreak of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa is also a significant factor driving growth in the CBRN market with some Western countries spending heavily on developing vaccines and bio-defence countermeasures. Finally, CBRN defence is also an important part of safety and security infrastructure of any state with civilian nuclear energy generation programmes.

A detailed analysis of the latest political, economic and technological trends lies at the heart of this unparalleled quantitative and qualitative analysis of the CBRN Defence market. This 370 page report provides a thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis of the global market, with 4 submarkets forecasts, and 20 leading national markets forecast, analysed and evaluated. 30 leading companies are also profiled in detail within this report, alongside 229 tables and charts, over 600 companies and organisations mentioned and 328 contracts detailing major ongoing programmes.

The 58,000-word report also includes a detailed qualitative analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) underpinning the market for the period 2014-2024. CBRN Defence Market Forecast 2015-2025: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, & Nuclear Detection, Protection, Decontamination, Simulation Equipment therefore provides an unrivalled level of detail in its analysis of market trends and commercial prospects.

The report’s findings are reinforced by exclusive interviews with Avon Protection and Bruker Corporation- each leading companies in the CBRN Defence environment.

Matthew Machowski, the analyst responsible for the CBRN Defence Report, summarised its findings:

“The current geostrategic circumstances surrounding the Syrian Civil War, the international campaign against the terrorist organisation of ISIS, and the continuously spreading Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa have led to an increased interest in Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence. Strong growth in the developing world, still in the process of creating their own significant CBRN capabilities will offset the strong financial constraints of the Western nations. CBRN defence remains an indispensible part of the strategic security preparedness of all nations. This important characteristic of the market assures a consistent growth over the forecasted period.”

CBRN Defence Market Forecast 2015-2025: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, & Nuclear Detection, Protection, Decontamination, Simulation Equipment, is an invaluable reference offering extensive market analysis and evaluation of future commercial prospects.
CBRN Defence Market Forecast 2015-2025

CBRN Defence Market Forecast 2015-2025

Publish date : December 2014
Report code : ASDR-165675
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