Park Aerospace Developed New Prepreg Material

Monday 19 September 2022, Amsterdam

Park Aerospace Developed New Prepreg Material
Park Aerospace Developed New Prepreg Material
Park Aerospace Corp. announced the inclusion of new prepreg materials for sophisticated radome systems, primarily for aerospace and defence applications, in February 2022. The "Radar Wave RW-HS-300" is a product from their Radar Wave range, which was first released in 2018. Park's Radar Wave materials are a low-cost alternative to the specialized and expensive materials that have typically been employed to make complex radome systems. The new Radar Wave RW-HS-300 product uses a unique 300 gsm 8HS fabric and is designed to provide engineers more tools to help them improve the design, structural integrity, and manufacturability of sophisticated radome systems.

Strategic Initiatives taken by Leading Companies
Communications & Power Industries (LLC) purchased L3 ESSCO, Inc. from a subsidiary of L3Harris Technologies, Inc. in November 2021. ESSCO primarily serves government and defence clients by producing metal space frame ground radomes, as well as customized radomes and composite structures. Premix, a forward-thinking developer of functional plastic materials, created a novel antenna cover material in May 2020. In industries such as automotive, electronics, diagnostics, healthcare & wellness, and wireless communication, their customized material solutions prevent static electricity and enable rapid wireless data transfer.

Growing Aviation Industry
The aviation industry is rapidly expanding and will continue to do so. According to the most recent predictions, air travel demand would grow at a rate of 4.3 percent per year over the next 20 years. If this rate of development is maintained until 2036, the air transportation industry would provide 15.5 million direct employment and $1.5 trillion in GDP to the global economy. These figures might grow to 97.8 million employment and $5.7 trillion in GDP if the effects of global tourism are included in. 200,000 flights per day are predicted to take off and land throughout the world by the mid-2030s.

Growing Defense Industry
Increased demand by the defence industry worldwide for a range of intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance techniques and equipment due to their use in many battlefield functions and supporting a war force by using its sensor data while reviewing the information obtained drives the growth of the global radome market for airborne intelligence. For example, in June 2019, the U.S. State Department released a request for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance technology information from organizations that have demonstrated technological capacity and expertise to obtain, implement, analyses, incorporate, and offer training and technical support that is intended to help the industry.

Increasing Importance of Radomes
Radomes are protective shells that surround radar, navigation, and satellite antennas on planes in airborne systems. Weather, communications, and navigation systems, as well as detection, fire-control, jamming, and other electronic warfare systems present in military aircraft, all rely on these systems to function well. Radomes are commonly utilized as aircraft nose cones and can also be found on the dorsal surface, side, or belly of the fuselage, as well as the tail or wingtips. High-quality antenna performance saves lives and military assets. When defense and aerospace communications systems operate at higher frequencies, optimizing signal quality while protecting antennas from harsh environmental circumstances becomes increasingly difficult. Radomes, which wrap and shield antennas, are critical in fixing these problems.
Radome Market Report 2022-2032

Radome Market Report 2022-2032

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