How Swarm Technology is Redefining Collaboration

Thursday 19 May 2022, Amsterdam

How Swarm Technology is Redefining Collaboration

Swarm technology is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) which is inspired by the insect kingdom. In nature, it defines how honeybees migrate, how ants form flawless trails, and how birds flock. In the AI domain, swarm systems pull input from specific individuals or machine sensors and then employ algorithms to augment the overall functioning of the system or group in real time. In a world of growing flux, complexity and scale, swarm intelligence helps businesses in two major ways: discovering new sources of growth, and predicting and managing disruption. The rollout of 5G networks is also allowing robots to collaborate thereby adding to the upsurge of robot swarms. Use cases will immediately turn into real-world operations with far-reaching advantages that we can now only imagine.

Swarm technology is increasingly finding takers in industries like defense for instance. Swarms of drones, and the intelligence that propels them, are different from a solitary flying robot because individual drones cooperate with both other drones and their surroundings. Then the swarm as a group makes decisions and engage in its mission based on diverse points of data that no solitary device could have offered. In this way, setting comparatively straightforward instructions or general goals for a swarm and then giving it autonomy to function can result in surprisingly complicated behaviors that continue beyond even what a single AI could achieve.

Based on rigorous study of the capabilities of swarm technologies and the growing impact this technology has caused in the military and corporate environments, Amsterdam based Market Forecast has just launched their new study “Swarm Technology - Market and Technology Forecast to 2030”. According to Market Forecast the global swarm technology market will grow to US$1.65 billion by 2030.

This study aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Demonstrate the importance of swarm technologies for military operations;
  • Focus on key swarm technologies and emerging trends;
  • Analyze and forecast the market size of the swarm technology market in the US and globally

 The study focuses on market analysis and seizing of five key segments in the swarm technology market: Region, Technology, Technique, Application, andEnd User.

Throughout the report Market Forecast shows how swarm technology is used today to add real value. To provide the most thorough and realistic forecast, this report provides a twin-scenario analysis, including “steady state”, emergence of new swarm technologies.

Source: Market Forecast ( original url )

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