Software is the brain of the UAV

Monday 14 March 2022, Amsterdam

Software is the brain of the UAV

UAVs are a sophisticated mix of mechanics, hardware, and software. Drones are incredibly complex technological devices with multiple major components. Installed software allows for uninterrupted flying by safely guiding the drone and providing information on where to go and when to react. Other components include, sensors, actuators, flight control, telecommunications, and others.

The “brain” of a UAV is its software, which determines the UAV’s course and functions, allowing the integration and smooth operation of its subsystems. The drone's software is organised in layers. These are the firmware, middleware and the operating system. These are then split into tears that perform at different times. To manage the flying patterns, altitude, and other critical information for the drone to work and act effectively, the layers must be properly connected. The flight stack, often known as the autopilot, is a collection of such layers.

A generic architecture is required to be built in order to ensure unified component communication. The firmware and middleware have time-critical requirements, but the operating system has computer-intensive requirements. Firmware connects machine code to the CPU, which then connects to memory. Flight control, navigation, and telecommunication are all handled by middleware.

The current market trends for UAV Software suggest that increased demand for high precision, compact, and price optimum products encourage research within this domain. Moreover, the advancement of communication technologies has enables developers to design an integrated system that can further conduct all types of broadband long-range communications. Additionally, factors such as growing air traffic has forced officials to make the safe integration of UAVs into non-segregated airspace a top priority as the applications of UAVs is only expected to grow.

On studying the geographic mapping across various regional landscapes, it is to be noted that North America accounts for the largest market share within the UAV Software market with a value of 31%. While APAC is considered to be the fastest-growing segment owing to the presence of key players like India and China within this region. The increased number of defense programs within the Indian and Chinese markets is anticipated to be one of the key factors that support the market growth dynamics.

The UAV Software market is highly competitive owing to the end-users of this vertical. The high precision associated with this product is anticipated to serve as a key market barrier for new entrants within this segment. Some of the key players within this market include Lockheed Martin Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Precision Hawk, DelAir, Flirtey, DroneSense, and Others.

The growth in communication technologies is one of the key factors that are anticipated to propel the market dynamics. Innovations in segments like Big Data, AI, and cyber security are expected to support the growth in innovation in the UAV Software market.

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