Medical Technology Companies to Benefit from Picosun Biocompatible Materials

Tuesday 23 November 2021, ESPOO, Finland

Medical Technology Companies to Benefit from Picosun Biocompatible Materials
Picosun Group has launched a Medical Materials Library consisting of over ten materials intended for medical-related coating and encapsulation with Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). ALD coatings are ultra-thin, and they guarantee the hermetic encapsulation of virtually any implanted device.

The materials library reflects over six years of extensive research and development that shows ALD can render biocompatibility to a substrate coated with Picosun library materials. Biocompatibility tests were carried out according to ISO standards in accredited third-party laboratories. The performed tests include, for example, cytotoxicity, antimicrobial activity, skin irritation or sensitization, hemocompatibility, bacterial endotoxins, bioburden, and sterilization residuals. Picosun can design tens of different types of end materials according to customer needs from the tested materials.

ALD technology provides dimensionless coating, thus enabling miniaturization of components and devices in electronic implants. Antibacterial function, excellent barrier properties, and outstanding corrosion resistance pave the way for using the materials in electronic and orthopedic implants and show high potential in pharmaceutical packaging. The superior film uniformity and conformality ensure pinhole-free coverage over even the smallest details of the device.

“The demonstrated results show the undisputable opportunities ALD offers to the medical sector already today. While the basic surgical principles and technologies have remained the same for decades, now ALD enables unforeseen applications potentially improving patient safety and cost-effectiveness by extending implant durability and reducing adverse effects”, says Niku Oksala, professor of surgery at Tampere University and medical advisor for Picosun.

“Picosun’s Medical Materials Library targeted to the medical device manufacturer segment reflects the innovative spirit of the company. I’m really excited over the fact that we are able to flexibly design tailored encapsulations according to our customers’ needs. I’m especially proud of our medical customers and partners who are already in pre-clinical and clinical trials with their ALD coated devices”, says Juhani Taskinen, Vice President, Medical Business Area of Picosun Group.

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