Counter-Stealth Technologies Key Drivers, Trends and New Developments

Friday 27 October 2017, Amsterdam

Market Research Report Press Release Stealth offers superior offensive force to military organizations, whereas counter-stealth technologies detect a range of hostile low observable platforms within their coverage boundaries. The development of counter-stealth systems has progressed at a slower pace in comparison to the corresponding stealth capabilities, which can be attributed to limited technical knowledge. However, extensive studies, supported by advancements made in various scientific fields, have enabled the real time development of counter-stealth technologies.

Modern stealth technology can be found on aircraft, ships and ground vehicles. However, investments being made towards stealth technology are focused mainly on military aircraft. Stealth aircraft feature in three distinct technology categories, which include radar diversion shape, radar absorption and infrared (IR) signature suppression. Wide-ranging research and constant investments towards circumventing the aforementioned stealth features have resulted in the development of improved counter-stealth technologies.

The rapid propagation of radar technology since World War II has facilitated the development of stealthy military platforms, which formed the corner stone for scientists to begin developing counter-stealth capabilities. Very High Frequency (VHF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) radars, pioneered by military forces during the mid-1900s, enabled long range aerial surveillance, which is still being used by countries worldwide. The development of improved counter-stealth systems has been empowered by scientists learning how to better read diverted radar signals and the use of multiple nodes to accurately measure the location, speed and type of stealth platform. Radar technology accounts for the largest share of counter-stealth systems owing to its larger area of coverage in comparison to other technologies. 
Counter-Stealth Technologies - Key Drivers, Trends and New Developments

Counter-Stealth Technologies - Key Drivers, Trends and New Developments

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