A new report analyses the 25 Leading Companies in the $111.81BN Enhanced Oil Recobery (EOR) Market

Wednesday 2 April 2014, Amsterdam

Market Research Report Press Release The new report, The 25 Leading Companies in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) 2014: A Competitive Analysis, profiles the major players in the EOR market, analysing their current involvement in the market and assessing their future prospects.

The lead analyst of the report commented that: ‘According to our analysis, the leading 25 companies account for 93.6% of global production in the EOR market. Though a number of companies are in the process of entering the EOR market space, these 25 companies are expected to continue to dominate the industry over the next few years. Given a climate of high oil prices, dwindling conventional oil finds, escalating global energy demand and technological developments, it is unsurprising that each of these companies is planning to expand its EOR production over the next 5 years. The thermal oil sands submarket will continue to be the most important element of the global market, though increasing opportunities are arising in CO2 and chemical EOR.’

The 224 page report contains 129 tables, charts and graphs that add visual analysis in order to explain developing trends in the EOR market and the position of the leading companies within it. The new report provides EOR production (bpd), EOR revenue (US$) and market share figures for the leading 25 companies in 2013 and 2014, as well as analysing longer term prospects for each company. A SWOT analysis is provided for each of the leading 25 companies, in addition to data and analysis of the size (bpd), location, and type of EOR projects operated by each company. The report also includes a PEST analysis of the EOR market, covering the critical political, economic, social and technological issues influencing companies in the market, a chapter highlighting the most important current trends in the EOR market and its submarkets, and an interview with Rod MacGregor, CEO of GlassPoint, who provides expert insight into the market.

The 25 Leading Companies in the Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) 2014: A Competitive Analysis will be of value to companies already involved in the in the EOR market, or those wishing to enter this rapidly expanding industry in the future.
The 25 Leading Companies in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) 2014

The 25 Leading Companies in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) 2014

Publish date : February 2014
Report code : ASDR-102452
Pages : 224

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