Smart Packaging Market Worth $31.1 Bn in 2016

Tuesday 1 November 2016, Amsterdam

Market Research Report Press Release This new report, now available on ASDReports, the Smart Packaging Market Report 2016-2026: Forecasts For Active Packaging Technologies: Gas Scavenger, Corrosion Control, Moisture Control, Intelligent Packaging QR Coding, RFID, Time-Temperature Indicators TTI, Modified & Controlled Atmosphere Packaging MAP & CAP, Other And By End-Use For Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Food, Personal Care, Other indicates that the global smart packaging market will see $31.1bn in spending in 2016.

The lead analyst of the report said

“Smart packaging is the element of packaging that in addition to the traditional three functions of packaging products (protection, containment and communication), offers a number of extra functionalities. The key player calculates that the global smart packaging market will be worth $31.1bn in 2016. The main driving factors will be the rising income and changing lifestyle which alter consumer requirements for product packaging. As disposable income rises, consumers are more willing to pay extra for some of the additional functions provided by smart packaged products. Increasingly busier lifestyles and rising health concerns have also led to surging demand for active packaging through the boost in demand for convenient packaging and products such as read meals. Consumers will also want to know the exact nutritional value as well as the condition of the products they are consuming and thus open up more opportunities for smart packaging products. The ageing population is another stimulator. The growing number of elderly people will boost the demand for pharmaceuticals where active packaging is applied intensively”

The 214 page report contains 163 tables, charts and graphs that add visual analysis in order to explain developing trends within the smart packaging market. The key player provides forecasts for the period 2016-2026 for the 5 leading smart packaging submarkets, namely Active Packaging Technologies (including Gas Scavenger, Corrosion Control, Mositure Control) , Intelligent Packaging, Modified & Controlled Atmosphere Packaging MAP & CAP, Other. The report also includes forecasts from 2016-2026 for the Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Food, Personal Care and Other sectors

The 214 page report offers market forecasts and analysis for 11 leading national markets and the rest of the world market. In addition, the report contains a dedicated leading companies’ chapter covering more than 6 companies leading the field in smart packaging including Amcor, Ball Corporation, Bemis, Crown Holdings, Reynolds Group Holdings & Sealed Air Corporation
Smart Packaging Market Report 2016-2026

Smart Packaging Market Report 2016-2026

Publish date : October 2016
Report code : ASDR-296639
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