Leading Companies Face Challenges in the $12.9Bn Military Aircraft Modernisation Market

Tuesday 22 October 2013, Amsterdam

The global market for military aircraft modernisation, upgrade and retrofit products and services is an increasingly competitive commercial landscape. The analysis of the market forecasts consistent growth in this market over the coming decade as established and emerging military powers prioritise the modernisation of legacy aircraft as a central component of their defence strategies. Total spending in 2013 is expected to be $12.98bn.

The US will remain the largest national market for military aircraft modernisation products and services throughout the forecast period 2013-2023. However, there will be significant shifts in global spending from established US and European markets to emerging military nations, including the BRIC economies and countries in the Middle-East/Asia-Pacific regions.
The new report, The Military Aircraft Modernisation, Upgrade & Retrofit Market 2013-2023, provides a detailed analysis of the global market, five aircraft type submarkets, two upgrade type submarkets and nineteen leading national markets. Major contracts and programmes for each national market from 2010 onwards are also presented in this report. The report includes a SWOT analysis for the global market as well as drivers and restraints analysis for each national market. Furthermore, the report provides a comprehensive analysis of the fifteen leading companies in the military aircraft modernisation market, featuring revenue analysis, products and services as well as mergers and acquisitions information. The report’s findings are reinforced by an exclusive expert interview with GE Aviation, a world leading company in the military aircraft modernisation, upgrade and retrofit market specialising in engine solutions.

The lead analyst responsible for the military aircraft modernisation, upgrade and retrofit report summarised its findings:

“Our research indicates that the military aircraft modernisation, upgrade and retrofit market is characterised by substantial opportunities and threats and an increasingly competitive commercial environment. Delivering cost-effective upgrades for core US and European customers in a period of constrained defence spending and simultaneously capitalising on high-growth international military markets will require a dynamic strategic approach.

Technological innovations will enable military powers to fly their legacy aircraft well beyond originally planned service lives. Enhanced avionics, including radar systems, electronic warfare suites, and secure communications networks will drive extensive military aircraft retrofit programmes. Opportunities will exist for specialist technology firms outside the core defence market. However leading defence companies will retain their dominance in future modernisation programmes.”

The report has 228 pages and contains 220 tables, charts and figures revealing detailed global, national and submarket forecasts and analysis combined with comprehensive leading company profiles. This combination of quantitative and qualitative methodologies provides the report with unparalleled detail and analysis.

The Military Aircraft Modernisation, Upgrade & Retrofit Market 2013-2023 is an invaluable reference for current and future investors in aircraft enhancements for both public and private sector organisations, as well as to companies and researchers who need to quickly understand the composition of the market and the strategies of its most successful companies.

Notes for Editors
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The Military Aircraft Modernisation, Upgrade & Retrofit Market 2013-2023

The Military Aircraft Modernisation, Upgrade & Retrofit Market 2013-2023

Publish date : October 2013
Report code : ASDR-83275
Pages : 228

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